Writing process tips: How to narrow your research paper ideas

Credit: Redmarkediting1

Credit: Redmarkediting1

After exploring any number of research paper topics you eventually settle on one idea for your paper. But you’re not finished yet. Now you have to narrow your research paper ideas and find a way to focus your topic. If you fail to do this then you’ll find that your writing process quickly goes out of control. Here are a few ideas to help you streamline your research project by narrowing your topic.

Narrow your topic

Part of the research paper writing process involves finding an angle or an approach that is interesting to both you and your readers. Read more

How to master the rewrite of a research paper or term paper

An icon for rewriting an article and for other...As any professional writer knows, the hardest part of the writing process isn’t the writing itself, it’s the rewriting. Screenwriters, novelists, scientists and historians all go through it; the same goes for college students when it comes to rewriting a research paper or term paper. Writing the first draft should be the easy part. It’s the subsequent drafts that keep us up at night. So for those of you who find yourself in the rewriting phase, here are some tips on how to master the rewrite and stay focused. Read more

Questia research tutorials: Teaching the necessary skills to write a research paper by improving writing and researching proficiency

We at Questia are happy to announce the release of our brand new, interactive research tutorials designed to improve students’ abilities to write even better research papers faster.

Research tutorials

Instructors suggest 10 hours or more to complete the final paper, recognizing the many steps involved to craft an effective research paper. For their part students know that writing a research paper can be overwhelming, taking entire days, weeks or months to complete. Yet while over 52% of college instructors recommend starting a research paper the day it is assigned, only 17% of students report doing so. Read more