Topic ideas for art therapy research papers

If you’re taking courses in the psychology or art departments at your university, and especially if you’re taking classes in both, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter the discipline of art therapy. What is art therapy? It’s a form of psychotherapy that engages the creative mind, but depending on where it’s defined, it can have a wide variety of meanings.

Find out more about art therapy here. (Credit: The Shelter)

Find out more about art therapy here. (Credit: The Shelter)

Whether the adult coloring book craze counts as a form of art therapy, or you’re more interested in how art therapy can be used to help children, teens or incarcerated people, there are a variety of topic ideas you can investigate for your upcoming research papers. Read more

Topic ideas for music history research papers

If you’re a music major, chances are you have a more nuanced view of music history than Pentatonix offers in their “Evolution of Music.” But if you’re not a music major and you’re stuck for topic ideas for your music history research paper, checking out their video on YouTube might be a fun place to start.

After that little bit of musical inspiration, take a look at this range of ideas you can start from to nail down topic ideas for your next paper. Read more

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Good research topic ideas and tips for writing a psychology term paper

How to research psychology

How to research psychology (Photo credit: JohnConnell)

Writing a term paper forces you to bring together many skills that you are learning in your classes. First you will need to research topic ideas and then narrow your focus to one main idea. When writing a psychology term paper, there are so many possible topics from which to choose that it would be easy to get stalled at the beginning of your project. Here are a few tips and resources to help keep your project on track! Read more