Free reading honoring Spiritual Literacy Month: Top five most researched religious topics

Spiritual literacyReligious views, standpoints and beliefs have been an important part of society and politics for centuries. No matter which sector the specific beliefs — or lack there of — are from, people take great pride and comfort in their religions and deities. As we get ready to honor December’s Spiritual Literacy Month, we at Questia, the premier online research and paper-writing tool for students, have gathered the top five most researched books on spirituality and opened them up for free reading through the month of December! Enjoy!

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America’s famous artists: Honoring American Artist Appreciation Month

American artist Andy Warhol

Artist Andy Warhol (© AP Images)

In honor of August’s American Artist Appreciation Month, we’ve released a list of the top five most researched American artists in our library. To celebrate, we’re opening up some of our best content to make reference works on these famous artists free for an entire month!

  1. Andy Warhol: Famous for his pop art paintings, prints, photography, film, music and much more, Andy Warhol is considered one of the most controversial artists of the century. Whether the opinion is positive or negative, it’s clear that Warhol’s art struck a nerve with many. “In more than one hundred books and in more than a thousand articles, writers have either adored or despised Andy Warhol, and no other artist has ever aroused such impassioned praise and vehement condemnation.” Read more

Free content on famous American inventors in celebration of National Inventors Month

American inventor Thomas Edison

American inventor Thomas Edison

In honor of August’s National Inventors Month, we’ve granted access to reference works on five of history’s most famous american inventors for free for an entire month.

  1. Thomas Edison: Born in Milan, Ohio in 1847, Edison is undoubtedly one of the most influential inventors of all time. Perhaps one of his most notable inventions was the light bulb. Edison is also known for inventing the phonograph and various motion picture devices, including the kinetograph and kinetoscope. “Edison was both a millionaire and one of the best-known men alive. Still in his 30s, he had launched an industry that would, over the next several decades, spread its lights throughout the country and the world” (Adair 98). Read more