William Shakespeare and Toni Morrison top authors on college reading lists

Author William ShakespeareAn analysis of Questia’s data on 438 literature assignments in 143 courses in 30 colleges and universities across the United States has identified the top 10 authors on campus in 2013. Nine are dead, nine are white, seven are European, and six are male. Topping the list is William Shakespeare, the English dramatist and poet. He is widely considered the greatest playwright who ever lived. And he is the author of one of the assigned texts in 77 courses.

Shakespeare’s assigned texts include: Othello in 16 courses, Macbeth in 11 courses, The Tempest in 10 courses, Hamlet in 9 courses, King Lear in 8 courses, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet in 5 courses,  Julius Caesar in 5 courses, Anthony and Cleopatra in 5 courses, The Merchant of Venice in 3 courses, A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 2 courses, The Taming of the Shrew in 1 course, Titus Andronicus in 1 course, and Cymbeline in 1 course. Read more

Celebrating Black History Month: Top 5 African-American authors

Author Toni Morrison, 1986

Author Toni Morrison, 1986

With Black History Month on our minds, we determined Questia’s top 5 most-read African-American authors. To celebrate February, we’ve unlocked the reference books to these authors on Questia, the online research tool and library of over 77,000 academic books and 4 million journal articles, so everyone can read our free online books for the month. Some are novels, some are non-fiction and some are reference books. Leave a comment telling us which one’s you were inspired to read and what you thought! Read more