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Go geeky with a computer systems research paper

You don’t have to be a geek to write a research paper on the subject of technology. Whether it’s the latest in computer systems, the Internet or the web, you can easily find good resources that are easy to understand …

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Hackers target New York Times and China — Will cyber attacks increase?

The last month has not been good for the Internet, with the websites of several major news organizations, including CNN, being hacked as well as most recently the sites of the New York Times and Twitter. But what is bad …

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Book lovers, are you ready to celebrate Library Lovers Month?

With technology providing many of us with easy research tools and downloadable books, we may not visit our local library as often as we used to. This month, though, you have the perfect excuse to get reacquainted with an old …

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Six must-have gadgets and tech for student success this fall

What will the well-equipped student be carrying this fall? It used to be enough to have books, paper and pencils in class. If you were a techie you might have a souped up calculator or (wow!) a small voice recorder. …

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Red Letter Days

“Handwritten letters are becoming a thing of the past,” says Wendy Lustbader, adding, “We have e-mail now…” In her Aging Today essay The Demise of Letter-writing, she acknowledges, “It is true that e-mail from dear friends can be printed out …

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