Technology news term paper topics

Technology is a vast subject with lots of good research paper topics. Many news websites, such as CNN, BBC, New York Times and Huffington Post, have Technology News departments where you can get ideas on new technology inventions and developments for your term paper.

Check out the latest in technology news. (Credit:

Check out the latest in technology news. (Credit:

Another good source for topics is technology magazines, such as CNET, PC Magazine, Popular Science and Wired. Here are some ideas for research papers on Apple Watch, nanotechnology and technology and the law. Read more

Hackers target New York Times and China — Will cyber attacks increase?

Cyber attacks increaseThe last month has not been good for the Internet, with the websites of several major news organizations, including CNN, being hacked as well as most recently the sites of the New York Times and Twitter. But what is bad for online media just shows the growing power of hackers around the world. The attacks have also included a large part of the Internet in China during late August, in what is being called that country’s largest ever hack. The subjects of cyber attacks and security breaches are perfect research topics for your next computer science or technology course. Read on to learn more about computer hackers targeting the New York Times, CNN, Twitter, and more. Read more

Technology News: Could adaptive learning systems replace educators?

Adaptive learning systems

Comfortable Seating, Learning Resource Centre, Edge Hill University (Photo credit: jisc_infonet)

How we learn has been a hot topic for as long as man has been trying to gain knowledge. Methods come and go, but we never seem to reach a definitive answer as to the best way for educators to teach students. Technology and teaching have collided in the latest methodology to gain attention—adaptive learning. Could this replace educators and be the future of education? Read more