More free time: Tech gadgets and time management tools to help students get more done

Time managementLast summer I told you about several tech gadgets that you should definitely consider adding to your arsenal of tools. Now I want to let you in on some exciting new tech gadgets, time management tools, and helpful apps for college students that will help make you more efficient and give you more free time.

Tech time management tools

If there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day, then it’s time to get serious about time management. Calendars and to-do lists are a great way to start and there are plenty of tech solutions to help you. Read more

Six must-have gadgets and tech for student success this fall

Must-have tech gadgets

Must-have tech gadgets

What will the well-equipped student be carrying this fall? It used to be enough to have books, paper and pencils in class. If you were a techie you might have a souped up calculator or (wow!) a small voice recorder. Now, college students are more likely to carry a tablet or smartphone instead of a shoulder bag stuffed with books. Many student resources are located online and student success depends even more on your ability to access the Internet at any moment. What are the gadgets and tech resources that you should have for the fall? Let’s take a look. Read more