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How to power through your summer reading list

Summertime—a period when college students get to kick back and just relax. Who cares if you forget half of what you learned during the last semester, right? Not so fast, doing some summer reading will not only keep your brain sharp, …

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How to enjoy summer and still keep your mind sharp

While you’re sleeping until noon and hitting the beach this summer, don’t let summer learning loss affect your memory and ability to learn. Even for students in higher education it’s important to keep your brain as well as your body …

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Summer break ideas for literature students: Gain culture through literature reading and discussion

Literature can do more than help you pass the warm summer afternoons. It can lead to a career in writing, publishing, library science or teaching. Can you imagine yourself in any of those roles? The study of literature can also …

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Questia’s summer reading list and other ways to keep your mind sharp over summer break

Summer break is here and at last, and now that your schedule has opened up, make productive use of the time! Have fun while keeping your mind sharp by taking in some summer reading, checking out museums, doing volunteer work and …

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