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Are online courses right for you? Learn the pros and cons

Online college courses and degree programs have become more common in recent years. Taking classes online is an alternative for college students and working adults to pursue their education. More than 7 million people enrolled in online courses last year. …

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Tips for student success: Dealing with difficult professors and classmates

We’ve all encountered the stuffy professor who can’t understand why you need help before your final exam or the slacker student who disrupts your study habits or sabotages your group project. Here are some tips for college students on dealing …

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Top tips for academic success: 7 habits of highly successful students

Ever wonder how some of your classmates make academic success look so darn easy? Wish you could pick their brain without actually having to confess you don’t have all the answers yourself? We all know that achieving any goal worth …

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Grow your brain: back to school tips for effective study time!

As summer winds down, another semester is just heating up! It’s time again to gear up for fall semester and Questia can help you make it a breeze. You’ll want to want to make sure you stay organized, grow your …

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College study habits: Are students and instructors on the same page?

With millions of college students returning to campus to begin another semester, we at Questia surveyed 1,000 students and instructors on everything from research and study habits to relationship building with faculty. We knew that professors were substantial influencers in …

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How to study for finals week: Finishing strong at the end of the school year

After a much-needed spring break, you may be dreading the remaining weeks of classes that you’ve come to know as the most stressful times of your college career. During these last challenging months of the semester, don’t let disorganization and …

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Meaningful Memories

Sticking Points Do you find yourself unable to recall important facts you’ve studied for school or work? Richard Palmer says that’s because “You have never truly concentrated on them.” In his book Brain Train: Studying for Success, Palmer explains, “if …

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Study Strategy

Make Note The main thing to know about note-taking, says Richard Palmer, is that “All notes that are not accompanied by solid understanding are useless.”  In Brain Train: Studying for Success (London: E & FN Spon, 1996), 102, he explains, …

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The Effect of Your Environment, Part II

A Fine Mess Albert Einstein is widely quoted as saying, “If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” If you’ve used his words to defend your own messy ways at school, …

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