How college students can handle stress

College is supposed to be some of the best years of your life, right? However, do you ever feel that sometimes you are just so stressed out? If you feel like your mental and emotional health is taking a beating, you are not alone.

How do you handle stress? (Credit: Brain Report)

How do you handle stress? (Credit: Brain Report)

Maybe you and your peers could use some help balancing their newfound freedom and responsibility, while keeping the occasional smile on their faces. Read on for tips for college students on how to handle stress. Read more

How to stay calm during finals week

It’s down to your last week of the semester, but you still have a ton of work ahead of you. Even worse, the majority of your grades depend on your academic performance this week. Stressed yet? We can relate.

Despite these obstacles, there are ways to make it through finals week without suffering a meltdown or failing a class. Here are a few pointers on how to keep your cool and come out ahead. Read more

Stress affects college students differently

No matter how stress affects you, there are many ways to relax.

No matter how stress affects you, there are many ways to relax.

Stress among college students is growing, and different students cope with stress in campus life in many different ways. For proper student health, students and their counselors should learn to identify the cause of stress and devise appropriate stress relief techniques. (Hiding in dorm rooms to avoid stressful issues is not one of the recommended solutions.)

In “Healthy mind, healthy body: Student health centers are expanding their services to include mental health care” for Diverse Issues in Higher Education, October 24, 2013, Vikki Conwell reported the findings of the spring 2012 American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment: Read more