Research topics for short stories and anthologies

Short stories are a staple of classic literature. The short story form allows authors to provide glimpses into emotion and context.

Find out more about short stories here. (Credit:

Find out more about short stories here. (Credit:

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Award winning short stories in contemporary literature as your research topic

Analyses of award winning short stories are among the good research paper topics in the field of contemporary literature. There are many short story genres, languages and themes to research and any number of awards you can look at to find source material.

A stack of contemporary literature books. (Credit: Jono's Book Reviews)

A stack of contemporary literature books. (Credit: Jono’s Book Reviews)

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Questia’s summer reading list and other ways to keep your mind sharp over summer break

Summer readingSummer break is here and at last, and now that your schedule has opened up, make productive use of the time! Have fun while keeping your mind sharp by taking in some summer reading, checking out museums, doing volunteer work and playing brain games. As a gift to our readers, we’ve even opened up TEN great books for free to enjoy throughout your summer break! Read more