Free reading on and by famous science fiction writers: Honoring Space Exploration Month

Science fiction author H.G.Wells

Science fiction author H.G.Wells (Photo by ZeroEnergyVN)

We’re continuing our celebration of Space Exploration Month in honor of the historic events that took place in the month of July! Visit Questia’s topic page on space exploration for more information on the memorable dates in space exploration history including the Apollo 11 lift off, the U.S.’s Moon Day and even the anniversary of NASA’s founding. Interest in space exploration has transcended generations, being kept alive by not only the heroes of space exploration themselves but also the writers who capture the mystery and excitement of space travel. Novels like 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Martian Chronicles have had, and continue to have, a tremendous impact on the way readers view outer space. In honor of Space Exploration Month, we’re granting access to content on or by our library’s top five most researched science fiction writers for free for an entire month. Read more