How to write the perfect resume for your job search

You have just graduated from college – or are about to – which means it’s time to prepare yourself for the real world and create a resume. If you have never created a resume before, it can seem like a daunting process.

Finding a job is easier said than done, but with the right resume you will greatly help your chances. (Credit: SnagAJob)

Finding a job is easier said than done, but with the right resume you will greatly help your chances. (Credit: SnagAJob)

Thankfully there are plenty of available resources available to help guide you. Choosing just one, however, is the more difficult part. Here we will take a look at some best practices to follow when putting your resume together. Read more

Summer job alternatives: 10 ways to gain work experience if you didn’t get a job

Volunteering for town beautification

Volunteering for town beautification

Didn’t get a job this summer? There are still plenty of ways to gain work experience and build your resume! We’ve compiled a helpful list of 10 ways college students and recent graduates can constructively spend their free time this summer.

  1. Volunteer:  Whether you have a charity or cause close to your heart, or a community event is in need of additional hands, volunteering produces a feeling of self-worth and fulfills civic duty. Regardless of the capacity in which you choose to volunteer, it will certainly promote good will. Read more

Five best summer jobs for college students — Build your resume and begin your career path

Entrepreneur Erin Heale

Entrepreneur Erin Heale sells ice cream (© Jim Cole/AP Images)

Summer brings sunshine and a break from studying, but it also brings an opportunity for summer employment. You have a chance to begin building your resume and establishing your first steps on a career path. Not to mention, you’ve also got a chance to earn some much-needed money for expensive tuition bills and book costs.

Our team at Questia tracked down the most-talked about summer employment opportunities that will mean more than just a paycheck.  Read on to learn how you can land one of these top jobs this summer: Read more

How to land an interview with the best resume

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Stay concise, focus on accomplishments, and don’t hold back

Do you think the perfect resume is a subjective idea? The recipe for an outstanding resume is actually fairly universal in terms of look, length, and basic content. With the right approach, you can churn out a stellar resume that will appeal to potential employers and land an interview for your dream job. Here are some resume writing tips and a sample resume to get you started. Read more