How to research academic journals online that cover many disciplines and sources

Academic journals onlineWe previously posted how students can research communication journals online and wanted to supplement it with a post about researching academic journals online using Questia, the digital library and online research and paper-writing tool.

When you research Questia, users will find a wide ranging series of periodicals to aid them in their research and written assignments, including:

  • More than six thousand online books that cover all types of scholarly journal topics from multicultural case studies to teaching academic literacy
  • More than three academic journals articles
  • More than 2,600 magazine articles and 800+ newspaper articles Read more

How to research communication journals on cross-cultural communications, advocacy and interpersonal communications

Communication journalsStudents contemplating communication degrees or who are in the midst of writing papers on cross-cultural communications, business communication, or advocacy and argumentation can take advantage of the thousands of books, communication journals, and articles on Questia, your digital library and online research and paper-writing tool. Read more

College study habits: Are students and instructors on the same page?

With millions of college students returning to campus to begin another semester, we at Questia surveyed 1,000 students and instructors on everything from research and study habits to relationship building with faculty. We knew that professors were substantial influencers in students’ lives, but these results may surprise you! Read more