Ideas for finding good research topics for your religion research paper

The Sainsbury Research Centre Library

The Sainsbury Research Centre Library

Planning your next religion research paper is as easy as typing religion into Google and waiting for it to spit out some brilliant suggestion, right? Well not exactly. There is an art, and no small amount of skill, to tracking down the best online sources for your paper. The key is to craft keyword phrases that help narrow your search, while looking for the best possible references—this applies whether you are writing a paper on a religious topic or on any other subject. Want to learn more about ideas for finding good research topics in the religion field? Read on. Read more

Free reading honoring Spiritual Literacy Month: Top five most researched religious topics

Spiritual literacyReligious views, standpoints and beliefs have been an important part of society and politics for centuries. No matter which sector the specific beliefs — or lack there of — are from, people take great pride and comfort in their religions and deities. As we get ready to honor December’s Spiritual Literacy Month, we at Questia, the premier online research and paper-writing tool for students, have gathered the top five most researched books on spirituality and opened them up for free reading through the month of December! Enjoy!

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More than tradition: Writing tips for religious studies research projects

Religious studies are not just for those who want to focus on a particular religious tradition. The topic easily integrates with liberal arts, philosophy and sociology. When faced with the prospect of completing a term paper or research project for your religious studies course, you will be able to take the project in any number of directions, all of which will allow you to explore the beliefs and passions that have been inspired by religion. Here are a few writing tips to get you started. Read more