How to research communication journals on cross-cultural communications, advocacy and interpersonal communications

Communication journalsStudents contemplating communication degrees or who are in the midst of writing papers on cross-cultural communications, business communication, or advocacy and argumentation can take advantage of the thousands of books, communication journals, and articles on Questia, your digital library and online research and paper-writing tool. Read more

Global warming, climate change, environmental ethics: Free research on current environmental issues

Environmental issuesToday’s current environmental issues provoke a good deal of science, research and controversy. Questia, the premier online research and paper-writing tool, is a terrific resource for exploring the history of complex environmental topics such as climate change, global warming and sustainable development. According to the National Climatic Data Center, the first eight months of 2012 were the hottest ever recorded in the continental United States. Researchers at the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center have said a key indicator of climate change, arctic ice, has melted to its lowest level on record this year. Read more

Free reading on famous early astronomers: Honoring Space Exploration Month

Plato and Aristotle

Plato and Aristotle "The School of Athens"

To honor the historic events that took place in the month of July, we’re continuing our celebration of Space Exploration Month! Check out Questia’s topic page on space exploration for information on the memorable dates in space exploration history including the Apollo 11 lift off, the U.S.’s Moon Day and even the anniversary of NASA’s founding. None of those milestones could have come to pass without the the famous early astronomers from around the world. From determining that the Earth is round to discovering gravity, the theories of history’s earliest astronomers helped lay the foundation for today’s celestial sciences. In honor of Space Exploration Month, we’re granting access to reference works on five of history’s earliest astronomers for free for an entire month. Enjoy them while they’re available for this limited time! Read more

Celebrating Space Exploration Month: Free reading on famous astronauts and cosmonauts

Astronaut John Glenn

Astronaut John Glenn

July is a memorable month in space exploration. In fact, the anniversary of the Apollo 11 lift off is on July 16th, Moon Day is on July 20th and the anniversary of NASA is July 29th. Check out Questia’s topic page on space exploration for more information on these memorable dates in space exploration history. To honor these historic events, we at Questia are declaring the entire month of July Space Exploration Month! And, where would we be without the brave individuals who chose to boldly go where no one had previously gone before? Astronauts and cosmonauts have played a huge role in space exploration throughout the decades, so in honor of these noble heroes, we’ve granted access to reference works on the top five most researched astronauts and cosmonauts for free for an entire month. Enjoy them while they’re available for this limited time! Read more

Celebrating LGBT Pride Month: Free books online about popular LGBT novelists

Novelist Virginia Woolf

Novelist Virginia Woolf

As LGBT Pride Month comes to a close, we’re honoring the accomplishments of the LGBT community by sharing a few interesting facts on the five most researched LGBT novelists in our library. To celebrate, we’ve opened up our library to make reference works on each novelist free for a whole month. Continue the celebration with a newer face in writing by checking out the Books on the Radio blog post, “Amber Dawn Wins Dayne Ogilvie Prize for LGBT Authors” covering 2012’s winner of the award for emerging LGBT writers.

  1. Virginia Woolf: Born on January 25, 1882 as Adeline Virginia Stephen, Woolf was homeschooled, spending a great deal of time reading books picked from the library of her father, Leslie Stephen. Her mother Julia passed away when Virginia was 13, and her father when she was 22. Read more

Honoring LGBT Pride Month with free reference works on notable LGBT painters

Artist Andy Warhol

Artist Andy Warhol (© AP Images)

Questia is honoring LGBT Pride Month by sharing a few interesting facts on the five most researched LGBT painters in our library. To celebrate, we’ve even opened up our library to make reference works on each of these artist free for a whole month. Continue the celebration by checking out the Huffington Post‘s slideshow of 15 LGBT art exhibits you can visit around the country this month. Enjoy!

  1. Andy WarholIn the visual art movement known as pop art, Warhol was a leading figure and created iconic masterpieces that are engrained within American pop culture, such as the infamous Campbell’s Soup Cans paintings.  While Warhol may be most well-known for his paintings, he expressed his art through many other mediums such as sculpture, fashion and theater. Read more