Questia Reading Room: Start the year with success

When a new year rolls around, what is the number one thing people aim to do? Figure out how they can be successful and better their lives in the coming year, of course! Our list of reading room books are sure to inspire you to be the best you.

Credit: Pexels

Credit: Pexels

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Questia Reading Room: A taste of winter classics

Finals might be over, but you can still keep your mind sharp with some leisure reading over winter break.

Get your dose of winter classics in this month's reading room. (Credit: Tricia Lott Williford)

Get your dose of winter classics in this month’s reading room. (Credit: Tricia Lott Williford)

Use your free time to curl up under a blanket and check out our seasonally themed books! This set of reading room books is FREE to read for the next month. Enjoy!

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Top 7 ways to use Questia that you didn’t know about

We know you follow the Questia blog (at least I assume so since you are reading this right now), but have you ever really dug into to find out about all the cool features it offers? Just in case you haven’t, we thought we’d share with you some of the most unique features from Questia that make it stand out from the crowd.


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What’s new with Questia? The all-new Research Tool Extension

As a Questia user, the Research Tool Extension is going to become your new favorite perk of Questia. And if you’re not yet a Questia user, it’s a great reason to become a subscriber.

Check out Questia's all-new Research Tool Extension.

Check out Questia’s all-new Research Tool Extension.

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Questia Reading Room: Honoring Earth Day

Celebrated by more than 175 countries, Earth Day is held every April 22nd and promotes appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment.

Earth Day is held every April 22nd and promotes appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment

To mark the occasion and increase awareness, we’re sharing our favorite books on climate change and pressing environmental topics like recycling, green energy, air pollution, energy conservation and sustainable development. The following books will be free for the entire month of April. Read more

Questia and the Chicago Metro History Education Center (CMHEC) team up for 2015 History Fair

Each year CMHEC serves thousands of students and hundreds of teachers from numerous schools in the Chicagoland area. They are given a chance to participate in its signature program, the Chicago Metro History Fair, at the school, regional, state and national levels.

Students are given the opportunity to think critically and creatively through their projects, which pique their interest due to having the freedom to select their topic. This year Questia is proud to serve as a sponsor in recognizing and encouraging young people to become lifelong learners and wise citizens. Read more

Need $500 to put towards your college education? Apply now for The MVP Scholarships by Questia!

In the spring, we at Questia announced the winners of the third “Questia’s Most Valuable Professors” contest, as part of our ongoing dedication to education. College students from across the country nominated special professors they believed deserved the title of Most Valuable Professor (MVP).

For the grand prize, we pledged to establish five $500 scholarships in each of the winning professors’ names. Those winners have earned the responsibility of selecting the scholarship criteria and selecting the scholarship recipients. Read more

Announcing our Questia Tagline Competition winners!

This fall we ran a contest asking you to submit your ideas for the perfect Questia tagline. We wanted to find out what you think embodies our brand and all that we have to offer. Thank you to everyone for submitting your tagline ideas!

With over 200 submissions, you made it very difficult for the judges to select a winner! We are delighted to announce the five winners of the Questia Tagline Competition. Read more

Get help with Questia Topic Generator for your research paper

When your professor announces that you have an upcoming research paper to prepare, you pray they also have a specific topic they’d like each student to cover. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a professor like that.

Questia helps you narrow down a topic with the topic generator.

Questia helps you narrow down a topic with the topic generator.

If the thought of coming up with an effective research paper topic makes your forehead sweaty and your palms clammy, we really think you will like how the Questia Topic Generator can help you. Read more

Your step by step guide on how to write a research paper with the Questia Writing Center

If you’re like many college students, you cringe when your professor announces you have a research paper to write. If this sounds all too familiar, we have a solution that will surely help make the process easier! Below you will find our Questia step-by-step guide, which we hope will help guide you through the intimidating task of writing a research paper.

Go ahead and share the step-by-step guide with everyone you know who could use some help writing a research paper. You can also print the research paper guide and carry it with you anytime, anywhere.

For more information on how we can help you solve your research paper problems and term paper troubles visit the Questia Writing Center, the Web’s premier online collection of copyrighted scholarly books, academic journals and research periodicals featuring integrated tools for note taking, organizing research, citing sources, creating footnotes and building bibliographies, helping students write better research papers faster!