10 Poems to Get You in the Spirit of Fall

Ready for some fall poetry?

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Read 15 of our Most Popular Books on Questia—for Free!

Out of Questia’s entire collection of more than 87,000 books, a solid portion are FREE. Yes, you read that correctly. These books are available for anyone to read cover to cover using the Questia Reader—available on any computer and on our free Questia app. It’s the perfect tool for what you need!

Here are 15 of our most popular free online books right now. Click on any of the following to check them out: Read more

13 Scary Books for You on Friday the 13th

It’s October and it’s also Friday the 13th. The combo of these dates only means one thing… you need a spooky reading list to give you chills. Read these books on or on the Questia App for free! Hurry, this book list is free for a limited time!

13 Scary Books:

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Questia Research Tutorials to Help You Ace Your Research Paper

Writing a paper can be a daunting topic. That said, you have to pick a spot and get cracking. Luckily, Questia offers research tutorials to help guide you through the steps of writing a research paper.

Each tutorial includes: Read more

Not Sure What to Write Your Research Paper On? Use Our Topic Idea Generator!

If you’re trying to write a paper and you’re not sure what to write about…you’re in luck!

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Top 6 Ways to Use Questia You Didn’t Know About

Get the most out of Questia as you prepare for midterms—utilize all the cool features it offers! You already follow the Questia blog—or so I assume since you’re reading this—but have you ever really dug into In case you haven’t, we’re sharing some of the most unique features from Questia that make it stand out from the crowd.

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Questia Reading Room: Learn About the Power of Photography with our Free Books

You’ve likely heard the phrase “A picture speaks a thousand words”, right? Let’s get into the spirit of photography as we recognize National Photograph Month.

Capture the history and key concepts of photography through this list of books – all FREE for the next month! Read more

Questia Reading Room: Famous Inventors and Life-Changing Inventions

For all the inventors of the world out there, this one’s for you! This month we’re recognizing National Inventors Month and sharing books focused on some of the most important creations of all time and the stories behind famous inventors.

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Questia Reading Room: Women’s History Month

During Women’s History Month, we believe it’s important to recognize and acknowledge the women who worked hard to break down barriers and allow future generations of women to achieve their dreams.

Expand your knowledge of women's history with our free books. (Credit: WILL)

Expand your knowledge of women’s history with our free books. (Credit: WILL)

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Questia Reading Room: Celebrate National Library Lovers’ Month

Did you know it’s National Library Lovers’ Month? Well, now you do! To celebrate, we’re giving you a chance to get your hands on some books that always seem to be off the shelves.

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