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Academic training begins with learning how to study effectively: Test taking tips and learning strategies for college students

This summer, get yourself in competitive shape mentally and physically for another session of fall classes, term papers and projects. Inspired by the Olympics, we’ve put together our own academic training program for you to tackle any class. All it …

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Questia’s summer reading list and other ways to keep your mind sharp over summer break

Summer break is here and at last, and now that your schedule has opened up, make productive use of the time! Have fun while keeping your mind sharp by taking in some summer reading, checking out museums, doing volunteer work and …

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The college student summer job search checklist — it’s not too late to find work!

May is here and for college students across the country, the end of the school year is in sight. Many of your friends and classmates may be preparing to head home or temporarily relocate for a summer job or internship, …

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How to study for finals week: Finishing strong at the end of the school year

After a much-needed spring break, you may be dreading the remaining weeks of classes that you’ve come to know as the most stressful times of your college career. During these last challenging months of the semester, don’t let disorganization and …

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Liberal arts education in the workplace: What can you do with a liberal arts degree?

You’ve probably heard of (or maybe even bought into) the common misconception that obtaining a liberal arts degree will limit your ability to find a job after graduation. Huzzah—you can call your parents with the good news that jobs in …

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How to write a term paper for your target audience: Your professors and peers

Like the conversations you have with people, it’s not just the message that matters, it’s also the audience. Keep that same consideration in mind as you write your term paper and ask yourself “who’s reading this” and “what message do …

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Improve academic relationships with your professor, TA and RA

Welcome to a new semester of school. A new semester means that you will have new courses and new academic relationships. As you meet friends through your time at school, you will also meet dozens of instructors and advisors that …

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Finals week also means turning in final research papers

You may have been researching and brainstorming for weeks, but sometimes polishing your paper up with the final details can be exhausting and it’s tempting to rush through them for the sake of getting the paper done. Try these hints …

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Research paper checklist: What professors look for when grading

Research paper grading criteria can vary wildly among university professors.  So how do you figure out if your paper will be up to snuff. No doubt different categories will be more important to different professors, so it’s a good idea …

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Good research paper topics for college students

You’ve considered our tips, you’ve learned all the tricks, but you’re having trouble just getting started on your research paper. Good research paper ideas take creativity but sometimes choosing a research topic is the most difficult part, so we’ve gathered …

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