Most Valuable Professor teaches at Berry College, students celebrate

Questia MVP: Most Valuable Professor, Julia Barnes at Berry College

Questia MVP: Most Valuable Professor, Julia Barnes at Berry College

The first ever Most Valuable Professor competition by Questia resulted in dozens of nominations and over a thousand votes! The professor who ultimately took home the title of MVP was Spanish professor at Berry College, Julia Corine Barnes, and her students were ecstatic over the victory. Not only does Berry College have the world’s largest campus to tout, but now they also have America’s Most Valuable Professor teaching at their school!

Marlon Blugh, a junior at Berry College, nominated Barnes for the honor of MVP for many reasons. “Prof. Barnes is simply a fair and reasonable individual. I nominated her because she has helped me in ways other professors have not. She truly listens and works with you.” Read the nomination Blugh submitted in our MVP announcement. Read more

The voting begins! Questia’s Most Valuable Professor Competition

Most Valuable ProfessorThis is your opportunity to cast your vote for Questia’s first ever Most Valuable Professor Competition! College professors have an invaluable place in this world and don’t always get the props they deserve. Help Questia decide: Who is the MVP? This is your chance to voice your opinion, don’t be left in the dust! Voting starts Monday, April 23 and ends April 29.

Take a look at the finalists and visit Questia’s Facebook page to read why students nominated them and cast your vote on Monday. Your vote could make the difference! Read more

How to write a term paper for your target audience: Your professors and peers

Professor and peersLike the conversations you have with people, it’s not just the message that matters, it’s also the audience. Keep that same consideration in mind as you write your term paper and ask yourself “who’s reading this” and “what message do I want them to receive?” And remember, it’s a person that reads and grades your paper—not a robot, computer or answer key—so tailor your writing to your specific (human) audience. Read more

Improve academic relationships with your professor, TA and RA

Welcome to a new semester of school. A new semester means that you will have new courses and new academic relationships. As you meet friends through your time at school, you will also meet dozens of instructors and advisors that can have a positive impact on your education and even career. When you move to a new dorm, you should try to develop a healthy bond with your resident advisor to gain their respect and good word of mouth. When you begin new classes, work on good relationships with your teaching assistants and professors. Not only are they great resources and potential mentors, but they can be powerful references for when you apply to graduate schools, internships and jobs. Read more