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Research paper topics for your political science paper

Political science majors know that politics and government is a fast-paced, ever-changing world. There are a lot of options and choices when it comes to picking research paper topics, from past political movements to presidential elections, from human rights issues …

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Business women in economics and political science

Here’s a suggestion for good research paper topics for economics, finance, business or political science class: women executives in politics and business. With the recent nomination by President Obama of Janet Yellen as Federal Reserve Chairman, women in positions of …

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Good research paper topics and tips for writing a political science research paper

Are you facing the task of finding good research paper topics for a political science research paper? It’s always a good idea to begin by asking your professor for guidelines on how to approach your subject and format your paper—if …

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Political science term paper: From current events to global policy — the choice is yours

Whether you’re interested in historical events and personalities or current events and global policy, political science is the study for you. From past presidents to the inner workings of a democracy, you can indulge your curiosity and explore any number …

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