Free reading on famous early astronomers: Honoring Space Exploration Month

Plato and Aristotle

Plato and Aristotle "The School of Athens"

To honor the historic events that took place in the month of July, we’re continuing our celebration of Space Exploration Month! Check out Questia’s topic page on space exploration for information on the memorable dates in space exploration history including the Apollo 11 lift off, the U.S.’s Moon Day and even the anniversary of NASA’s founding. None of those milestones could have come to pass without the the famous early astronomers from around the world. From determining that the Earth is round to discovering gravity, the theories of history’s earliest astronomers helped lay the foundation for today’s celestial sciences. In honor of Space Exploration Month, we’re granting access to reference works on five of history’s earliest astronomers for free for an entire month. Enjoy them while they’re available for this limited time! Read more