The future of college newspapers: Print or online?

Student newspaper staff pictured in the librar...

Student newspaper staff pictured in the library, Burgaw High School, 1959 (Photo credit: North Carolina Digital Heritage Center)

When you want to read about the latest news on campus, where do you turn? Do you go online in search of the news or do you pick up a printed copy on the way to class? Perhaps your college doesn’t have a printed version anymore. With the progressive demise of print journalism, college newspapers, too, have not been immune. Some schools are threatened by such heavy budget woes that the existence of their newspaper could collapse altogether. College newspapers have played a crucial role in their university’s history, reporting the news that is by and for the students. While the future of college newspapers is at a crossroads, we look at the various challenges facing them. Read more

Right on Time

Much research is geared to people and events which happened at a particular moment in time, whether five minutes or thousands of years ago. – which “provides software that teaches students and supports teachers and librarians throughout the research process”  – identifies these search tools to use when timeliness of information is important: Read more