Effective research on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Signs in the big march with unions in solidarity with OWS. (Courtesy of David Shankbone)

Signs in the big march with unions in solidarity with OWS. (Courtesy of David Shankbone)

Since disclosing the disappointing enrollment numbers of Americans signing up for health insurance in the first month of, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has come under even greater fire than before. President Obama is facing criticism not just from the GOP, but from Democrats as well who are siding with their across-the-aisle peers to try to fix what many consider a complete disaster of the plan’s roll out. But while the government struggles to put their health care ducks in a row, Occupy Wall Street’s shoot off organization Strike Debt launched the Rolling Jubilee project to take matters into their own hands. The group bought up $15 million in American medical debt – and forgave it. Read more

Occupy Wall Street anniversary: Income inequality gap has grown wider

On September 17, 2013, the Occupy Wall Street movement celebrated its two-year anniversary. What began as a grassroots protest against income inequality has become an inspiration for similar protest movements. Unfortunately, during the past two years, the nation has seen the growth of income inequality.

English: Income inequality, United States, 197...

Income inequality, United States, 1979-2007

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Occupy Wall Street

By 2011 the effects of the stock market crash of 2008 had not lessened for most Americans. Thousands of jobs had evaporated and it was clear that the bailouts had gone to prop up the very institutions that had engineered the crash. People were angry to the point where they demanded to be heard. Read more