Note taking tips for college students

You go to class. You listen to what your professor says. You write down the important stuff. End of story, right? Wrong. The goal of note taking is so much more than just writing down the main facts. Your notes from class should not only help you in retaining information, but they also should provide valuable study help that will mean you spend less time studying later.

Utilize the many note taking services available to you. (Credit:

Utilize the many note taking services available to you. (Credit:

I picked up some helpful tips and life hacks on how to take better notes that I am graciously going to pass on to you. You are welcome. Read more

Study Strategy

Make Note

The main thing to know about note-taking, says Richard Palmer, is that “All notes that are not accompanied by solid understanding are useless.”  In Brain Train: Studying for Success (London: E & FN Spon, 1996), 102, he explains, “Your notes are both part of your thinking and a reflection of it, done as part of the preparation for a piece of work or as a record and reminder of your reading and research. Class notes…are as formal as the textbooks you study, and a significant part of your course material.” Read more