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How to handle stress — Tips for college students

College is supposed to be some of the best four (or five, or six—just joking!) years of your life, right? Then how come sometimes you are just so stressed out? If you feel like your mental and emotional health is …

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Counseling psychology and development: Providing therapeutic treatments to treat a wide variety of symptoms

In life, there are no guarantees. While you can control much of what goes on in your life, there are instances when issues can arise, overwhelming our abilities to manage and control our responses to them. Counseling psychology is one …

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Honoring Mental Health Awareness Month: Become informed with free online reading

In 1949, Mental Health America started the tradition of celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month in May to raise awareness of mental health conditions. Although these conditions are often associated with a negative stigma, mental wellness is just as important as good …

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