How to handle stress — Tips for college students

Handling stress is a common theme among college students. (Credit:

Handling stress is a common theme among college students. (Credit:

College is supposed to be some of the best four (or five, or six—just joking!) years of your life, right? Then how come sometimes you are just so stressed out? If you feel like your mental and emotional health is taking a beating, you are not alone. A lot of your peers could use some help balancing their newfound freedom and responsibility, while keeping the occasional smile on their faces. Read on for tips for college students on how to handle stress.

The facts about college students and stress

In case you thought maybe it was just you, have no fear—you aren’t the only one. Across the country, more and more college students say they are suffering from mental and emotional health issues. Read more

Counseling psychology and development: Providing therapeutic treatments to treat a wide variety of symptoms

William James

Influential 19th century psychologist and philosopher, William James

In life, there are no guarantees. While you can control much of what goes on in your life, there are instances when issues can arise, overwhelming our abilities to manage and control our responses to them. Counseling psychology is one of the largest specialty practices within the field of psychology. Counseling psychologists take a more generalized approach when helping patients with any one of their psychosomatic problems.

William James was an influential 19th century psychologist and philosopher who wrote a pioneering paper called The Principles of Psychology, blending his own research and thoughts about psychology, philosophy and physiology. Read more

Honoring Mental Health Awareness Month: Become informed with free online reading

In 1949, Mental Health America started the tradition of celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month in May to raise awareness of mental health conditions. Although these conditions are often associated with a negative stigma, mental wellness is just as important as good physical health. To help raise public awareness of these diagnoses, we found the top five most researched conditions on Questia and made books and articles on them free for an entire month. Enjoy! Read more