“The Real History of Science Fiction” as a research paper topic

Science fiction plays an important role in modern culture and aspirations for the future. Once considered just a genre for adolescent boys, sci-fi is true literary fiction, television and film that lets all of us ask “What if?” It reflects our societal worries and fears, it lets us dream of wonderful science and technology-filled futures and it creates cautionary tales of disaster if we don’t change our selfish ways. The cable channel BBC America is airing a four-part documentary series “The Real History of Science Fiction.” The show offers good research paper topics; follow along to learn about science fiction’s history, legacy, and cultural influences.

The cast of BBC America's "The Real History of Science Fiction." (Credit: Matthew Jackson)

The cast of BBC America’s “The Real History of Science Fiction.” (Credit: Matthew Jackson)

The show’s four episodes are dedicated to space, time travel, alien invasions, and robots and cyborgs. Read more

Literary fiction: Good research paper topics

With a wide range of themes, literary fiction offers many research topics.

With a wide range of themes, literary fiction offers many research topics.

Students of literary fiction looking for good research paper topics have many choices. The field has a diverse range of themes and genres, such as women’s studies, folklore, mysteries, theatrical and drama, popular fiction, science fiction, African American fiction and many more. Here are some tips for choosing a topic and conducting research.

Many genres of literary fiction 

Romantic literature – One of the many areas of research in literary fiction is romantic literature, which focuses on poetry, novels and travel writing created between the 1780s and 1820s. Elizabeth A. Bohls remarked in her book “Romantic Literature and Postcolonial Studies,” 2013, “In three decades, the study of Romantic literature has changed dramatically. Read more