Resume tips for college graduates—and current students!

You graduated college. Yeah! You need a job. Oh. How do you start, how do you get your foot in the door, how can you write a killer resume and cover letter?

Perfect your resume and get hired right away with our tips. (Credit: HH Staffing)

Perfect your resume and get hired right away with our tips. (Credit: HH Staffing)

The job market is still tough, you’re competing with lots of other college students, and you don’t have a whole lot of experience yet. You need some lifehack advice! Here are some job and resume tips for recent college graduates. Read more

Job hunt study guide: Tips for writing a cover letter

Before you know it, school will be over and it will be time to get serious about the future. Today’s job market is challenging for people of all experience levels, especially recent college grads. Searching for work can feel like a full-time job itself, and a good job hunting study guide will start you out on the right foot. Try these tips for writing an effective cover letter that may win you an interview for your dream job. Read more

College tuition and fees continue to rise

What does it cost to get a college degree?

The job market has always been competitive, and in the current strained economy, it is even more so today. A job seeker needs every edge possible to leap to the top of the resume pile, and a college degree might just be your ticket to rising above the competition.

Studies show that, even in today’s tough job market, college graduates consistently earn more than their non-degreed counterparts. However, the cost of getting a degree has risen steadily, making many potential college students wonder if going into debt is worth a better paying job. Read more