Explore Secret State of North Korea for your next research paper

On September 2, 2014, PBS aired an encore presentation of the Frontline documentary, Secret State of North Korea. Viewers got a look inside this isolated country and its enigmatic ruler, Kim Jong-Un, who is the world’s youngest dictator.

Kim Jong-Un, the world's youngest dictator, rules North Korea. (Credit:

Kim Jong-Un, the world’s youngest dictator, rules North Korea. (Credit:

As in the regime of his predecessor and father, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il, human rights of the Korean people are being subjugated as a matter of policy. Drawing on undercover footage and interviews, this documentary exposes the harsh conditions of daily life and the courage of those who are working to erode the regime’s influence. Read more

Kiss sparks controversy at Cannes Film Festival

It had looked to be a good year for women at the Cannes Film Festival. Leila Hatami, Iranian actress and star of Iranian movies, was one of five women and four men to serve as judges at this year’s festival, in the first female-majority jury since 2009. Though being a judge is a prestigious honor, it wasn’t the reason Hatami made the news: instead, a cheek kiss earned her harsh criticism from her home nation of Iran.

Leila Hatami greeted the French president of the Cannes Film Festival with a kiss. (Credit: David Clark Scott)

Leila Hatami greeted the French president of the Cannes Film Festival with a kiss. (Credit: David Clark Scott)

The nation banned public displays of affection in 2007 and its legal system is based on sharia law, making other countries question Iran’s attitudes on human rights. If you are looking for a good research paper topic on women’s rights or human rights issues, take a look at the trouble caused by what Westerners perceive as an innocent kissbut, to conservatives such as Iran’s deputy culture minister, was an affront to Islamic culture. Read more

College research on the future of human rights—a global perspective

2008 Global Human Rights Torch Relay in Taiwan: Taipei City Stage. (Credit: Rico Shen)

2008 Global Human Rights Torch Relay in Taiwan: Taipei City Stage. (Credit: Rico Shen)

The topic of human rights covers a broad array of areas—from war crimes to terrorism, from fraudulent elections to wiretapping. While the civil rights movement in the United States is certainly an important part of human rights, from a global perspective there are many more areas of focus. What is the future of human rights, and will we, as a planet and a society, continue our work to improve how our fellow humans are treated?

Human rights—a history

Since World War II there have been numerous treaties that have tried to address the issue of human rights. Read more

Honoring heroes, creating social change for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Monument

Martin Luther King Jr. Monument

Since 1986, the U.S. federal government has observed a national holiday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., the civil rights activist whose nonviolent message and words of hope helped to create a vision for a future of racial equality. Martin Luther King Jr. also advocated for social change and justice, and a great number of people list him among their heroes. In 2011, the Martin Luther King Memorial monument was erected on the Washington National Mall.

Since their establishment, some have wondered: does a holiday or a monument honor King’s legacy, or undermine his message by normalizing it? And just how do people identify heroes? Read more

Human rights, humanitarianism and civil society: Free research for Universal Human Rights Month

Human Rights MonthFrom the fight against segregation to the pursuit for equal LGBT marriage rights, human rights has come a long way over the years not just in the United States, but throughout the world. In honor of Universal Human Rights Month, we at Questia, the premier online research and paper-writing tool for students, are making the below books on human rights topics free through the month of December. Read more