How to Write an Introduction Paragraph

Many students and professionals agree that writing a research paper isn’t something they look forward to at first. While writing a research paper gives you the opportunity to learn about new topics you were not familiar with before, the process of compiling the paper can be daunting. In fact, one of the most difficult aspects of writing research papers is coming up with a way to grasp the reader’s interest with an attention-grabbing introduction paragraph. Even though the introduction paragraph is relatively short, it is one of the most important components because it gives the reader an initial “sample” of the rest of the paper.

There are three major components an author needs to consider in the intro: the first sentence, setting the context, and the thesis statement. Once you have these planned out, putting together the introduction will become much more manageable and successful. Read more

Why proper grammar ranks high among job skills

On September 7, 2015, at a One Direction concert, singer Harry Styles proved that he is more than a rock star. Noticing a poster being held by a sixteen-year-old fan, the singer asked that the poster be brought to him. He then took a marker and corrected the spelling and grammar, autographed the item and returned it to the teen who tweeted her appreciation.

One Direction's Harry Styles corrected a fan's grammar during a concert. (Credit:

One Direction’s Harry Styles corrected a fan’s grammar during a concert. (Credit:

It’s a good idea to develop good communication skills as part of our repertoire of job skills. Knowing how to write and use proper spelling, punctuation and grammar can make a big difference in your career success. Let’s look at how to improve your writing skills. Read more