7 Writing Tips & Grammar Rules For Research Papers

All college students can use some tips on English grammar rules and word usage for those research papers they’ll be writing this coming semester. Your research paper can benefit from some writing tips.

Perfect your grammar and spelling with our tips. (Credit: Odyssey)

Perfect your grammar and spelling with our tips. (Credit: Odyssey)

Don’t think that proper grammar is old fashioned and that hip college students these days, proficient in texting and using urban slang, are exempt from stuffy proper English. Read more

Grammar usage and English grammar test instruction

Grammar and effective word usage are important to writing well. There have been many studies on teaching grammar successfully and learning to write properly.

Ace your research papers by using proper grammar. (Credit: Huffington Post)

Ace your research papers by using proper grammar. (Credit: Huffington Post)

Here are some interesting research paper topics on grammar lessons, letting students write instead of memorizing grammar rules, Britain’s new English grammar test that is challenging teachers, and persuasive professional writing with creative word usage. Read more

Why proper grammar ranks high among job skills

On September 7, 2015, at a One Direction concert, singer Harry Styles proved that he is more than a rock star. Noticing a poster being held by a sixteen-year-old fan, the singer asked that the poster be brought to him. He then took a marker and corrected the spelling and grammar, autographed the item and returned it to the teen who tweeted her appreciation.

One Direction's Harry Styles corrected a fan's grammar during a concert. (Credit:

One Direction’s Harry Styles corrected a fan’s grammar during a concert. (Credit:

It’s a good idea to develop good communication skills as part of our repertoire of job skills. Knowing how to write and use proper spelling, punctuation and grammar can make a big difference in your career success. Let’s look at how to improve your writing skills. Read more

5 steps to an impressive research paper

If your first reaction when a professor assigns a research paper involves sweaty palms, increased heart rate or a stomach tied in knots, you’re not alone. Countless college students dread writing research papers because the process can seem grueling and much more stressful than simply studying material for an upcoming exam. Does this sound familiar to you? (I see you nodding your head “yes”)

The good news is that there are many readily available resources you can use to ensure you get a good grade on your research paper – you just have to know where to find them. That’s where we come in. Read on for the five steps to follow if you want a stellar research paper. Read more

An Essential Tool for Writers

“Use definite, specific, concrete language. Omit needless words.” says William Strunk Jr.  In his extraordinary 71-page book Elements of Style (New York: Macmillan, 1959), he follows his own advice as he steers writers around potential grammatical potholes. And Strunk’s rules – simple directives with examples to illustrate what works and why – apply to research papers, essays, short stories, novels, nonfiction works, business communications, and every other kind of writing. Read more