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Tactical tricks for becoming a better writer

For some the writing process is cathartic, while for others it’s more like torture. As a college student, having good writing skills is more critical for certain majors than others. However, once college is over, to compete in today’s job …

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8 college tips for handing in a high-quality term paper

My term paper sucked! It came back covered in red. What happened?! I thought it was awesome. How can I tell if the term papers I’m handing in are of high enough quality to get me a good grade? Some …

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History of Memorial Day: Free research on American soldiers in major wars

Do you know the history of Memorial Day? Founded in 1868 under the name Decoration Day, the first Memorial Day was intended to honor those soldiers who had fought in the American Civil War by decorating their graves. Since then, …

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The American Civil War: Free resources for top research topics on Civil War facts

From 1861 to 1865, the United States fought a war over the right of secession, as eleven states wanted to separate from the Union. The causes for the war, and the reasons for its outcome, remain topic for debate over …

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Writing help: Planning a research paper

The odds are pretty slim that you will make it through four years of college without having to write a research paper. But don’t be frightened by the prospect. Planning a research paper doesn’t have to be scary; in fact, …

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Free reading on today’s top environmental issues — From climate change to hazardous waste

Climate change is something the Earth has experienced since its creation. Scientists first started theorizing about the reasons for these changes in the 19th century. Over the past 200 years, studies have highlighted the negative causes and effects of changes …

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Education reform throughout the decades: Free reading on top education reform content

Education reform is the ongoing process of improving the public education. Historic issues have ranged from funding, to integration, and the merits of public versus private education for the millions of children in America’s elementary and high school system. Playing …

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Celebrate National Nutrition Month with free reading on top nutrition books on Questia

Welcome to National Nutrition Month 2013! Never celebrated before? This year is the perfect time to begin, being the 40th anniversary celebration of National Nutrition Month. According to EatRight.org, “The National Nutrition Month 2013 theme, “Eat Right, Your Way, Every …

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Celebrating Black History Month: Top 5 African-American authors

With Black History Month on our minds, we determined Questia’s top 5 most-read African-American authors. To celebrate February, we’ve unlocked the reference books to these authors on Questia, the online research tool and library of over 77,000 academic books and …

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Causes of writer’s block: Writing ideas for how to stop it before it starts

Writer’s block hits everyone at one time or another. We don’t all just wake up perkily and generate writing ideas. Even the most creative and the most dedicated of us can sometimes get stuck thinking of a term paper topic …

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