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Tips on how to study and get better grades on your final exams — College instructors spill the beans

Around this time of year, students may begin to feel a bit of panic as they realize that final exams are rapidly approaching. Not to worry! I’ve been a college instructor for going on 16 years now and I’m going to …

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Research paper citations — From tricky to unique

You’ve been assigned a research paper. Time to brush up on how to use citations! Proper use of citations not only shows that you actually did some research (key to a “research” paper), but they also help you avoid any …

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How to stay organized as you prepare for finals week

You’ve worked tirelessly all semester and now you’re mere weeks or even days away from a relaxing summer break. The only thing standing in your way now? Finals! Here are some valuable tips to help you stay healthy and organized while …

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How to study for finals week: Finishing strong at the end of the school year

After a much-needed spring break, you may be dreading the remaining weeks of classes that you’ve come to know as the most stressful times of your college career. During these last challenging months of the semester, don’t let disorganization and …

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Finals week also means turning in final research papers

You may have been researching and brainstorming for weeks, but sometimes polishing your paper up with the final details can be exhausting and it’s tempting to rush through them for the sake of getting the paper done. Try these hints …

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