Dinosaurs! An Alberta, Canada backhoe discovers what may be a duck-billed dinosaur fossil

Credit: The Canadian Press

The fossil skeleton is of the creature’s tail. Credit: The Canadian Press

You may not remember the names of all the dinosaurs the way you did when you were in grade school, and you may have missed some of the latest news in paleontology. But one man from Alberta, Canada didn’t miss a dinosaur recently—he hit a dinosaur fossil with his backhoe while working on a construction project. The ancient reptile, which scientists on the scene have posited may be a hadrosaur, or a duck-billed dinosaur, has resurfaced, and construction has stopped while scientists get their first look at this specimen. While dinosaurs don’t frequently make headlining news, discoveries about the ancient creatures are made frequently, and as recently as July 2013, new dinosaurs were still being discovered. Read more