Computer science term papers: Tips and topics — release your inner nerd

Student practicing his coding skills.

Student practicing his coding skills.

You’re studying computer science because you like to code and create magic on the computer. But now you have to create a research project and write a term paper. Yikes! Bet you could use some tips on how to get started and what topics would be a good choice for you. No problem. Let’s get started and release your inner nerd.

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Hackers target New York Times and China — Will cyber attacks increase?

Cyber attacks increaseThe last month has not been good for the Internet, with the websites of several major news organizations, including CNN, being hacked as well as most recently the sites of the New York Times and Twitter. But what is bad for online media just shows the growing power of hackers around the world. The attacks have also included a large part of the Internet in China during late August, in what is being called that country’s largest ever hack. The subjects of cyber attacks and security breaches are perfect research topics for your next computer science or technology course. Read on to learn more about computer hackers targeting the New York Times, CNN, Twitter, and more. Read more