Twitter hack and computer hackers as research paper topics

It’s happened again—computer hackers have infiltrated a major company’s information. The Twitter hack affected millions of its users, whose data is now said to be available on the dark web for sale. While there are definitely hackers with bad intentions out there, so-called white hat hackers are trying to stop the destruction.

Here's what you should know about the Twitter hack. (Credit: Creative Commons)

Here’s what you should know about the Twitter hack. (Credit: Creative Commons)

Research paper topics could study the rise of the different groups of hackers, as well as an examination of significant hacks in history. Want to stop this from ever happening to you? The first advice experts always offer is simple: change your password. Read more

Ashley Madison hackers and computer safety as your research topic

What exactly is the motive of the anonymous computer hackers who have released the user names and contact information of more than 30 million people with accounts on Ashley Madison, the website that arranges extramarital affairs? While they haven’t clearly stated their reasons, they have called out the parent company and users of Ashley Madison for their “fraud, deceit and stupidity.” As journalists go through the released information, it is expected that celebrities and newsmakers, such as Josh Duggar, who had two accounts on the site, will be revealed.

What can be done to stop hackers? (Credit: Bob Choat)

What can be done to stop hackers? (Credit: Bob Choat)

But what may be more damning in the long run is what the site’s hack means for everyone’s computer safety. For your next computer science or criminology research paper, consider discussing one of the above topics and what can be done to prevent such serious hacking situations. Read more

Computer science research topic on Sony hacking

Hackers have been, well, wreaking havoc of late. The latest victims appear to be Sony PlayStation network users who found themselves the target of computer hackers over the weekend of August 23 – 24, 2014.

The Sony PlayStation 4 with the DualShock 4 controller.(Credit: Evan-Amos)

The Sony PlayStation 4 with the DualShock 4 controller.(Credit: Evan-Amos)

While the computer hackers or hacker, who identified themselves with the Twitter handle @LizardSquad, did not attempt to compromise the personal data of Sony PlayStation network’s 53 million users, the hacker did make a bomb threat against an airline flight a Sony executive was traveling on. If you’re looking for a good research paper topic in computer science, consider these recent issues in cyberterrorism and cybersecurity. Read more

Hackers target New York Times and China — Will cyber attacks increase?

Cyber attacks increaseThe last month has not been good for the Internet, with the websites of several major news organizations, including CNN, being hacked as well as most recently the sites of the New York Times and Twitter. But what is bad for online media just shows the growing power of hackers around the world. The attacks have also included a large part of the Internet in China during late August, in what is being called that country’s largest ever hack. The subjects of cyber attacks and security breaches are perfect research topics for your next computer science or technology course. Read on to learn more about computer hackers targeting the New York Times, CNN, Twitter, and more. Read more