8 college tips to stay calm during final exam week

Most college students panic before a final exam. Some stress is good and gets your adrenaline pumping. But too much stress–especially unwarranted stress–can be bad for your body and for your grades.

Study tips, study plans, dorm room exercises, and even diet can help relieve anxiety. Here are eight college tips to help you stay calm during your mid-term or final exams. Read more

How to make the most of your summer studies

While working at a summer job may be appealing, you may want to enroll in summer sessions instead. By taking courses during the summer you’ll earn the credits you need to graduate earlier than you would otherwise. In the long run, this could save you both time and money.

Take the fear out of summer classes by following our tips. (Credit: QuickMeme)

Take the fear out of summer classes by following our tips. (Credit: QuickMeme)

But summer courses aren’t any easier. In fact, they are often more challenging because they take place over a shorter time span. Here are some college tips for student success in your summer studies. Read more

Prepping for Success

Smart Moves

Gearing up for a year of studying at university? These tips can steer you toward success!

Be open to new friendships.

“Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are at uni only to study and that clubs and societies are just a frivolous optional extra”, say Patricia McLean and Arthur Tatnall. In their book Studying Business at University: Everything You Need to Know, they explain, “Learning doesn’t happen only in lectures and (tutorials): the friends you make and the experiences of some of the non-study activities will be an important part of your professional growth.” Read more