Keys to success in life come from more than having a college diploma

If you’ve been wondering whether or not it’s worth it to stay in college, recent news reports may help to set your mind at ease about earning a college diploma. We already know that keys to success in both your personal and professional life are often grounded in a college education. Now a research study and a new book point out some new and exciting benefits that make your hard work and persistence all the more valuable. Read more

Grading on a curve: The pros and cons of the curved grading system

Probability curve of student grades

Probability curve of student grades

Professors who grade on a curve can be a blessing and a curse for college students. Depending on how well you perform in a class, a curve can mean passing a course you otherwise would have failed. However, if you did particularly well in a course, you may feel cheated if the instructor decided to grade on a curve and pass students who failed to study or do the work. If you’re a little confused about what grading on curve could mean for your grades, read on and see how to prepare yourself! Read more