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As scary as it seems, finals are just around the corner. At one time or another, you or someone you know may have experienced their own horror story during finals. Sound familiar?

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The countdown to finals has begun! In order to help us count down the days until college finals we’re looking for college students to offer their best advice on homework help, research paper advice, tips and best practices for finals preparation. Enter our blogging contest and show us–and your fellow students–what your writing skills are made of for a chance at a published article and by-line on the Questia blog Citations, PLUS a $250 Visa gift card!

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College advice: A few tricks to starting your research paper

Student Research Paper Advice

Reinventing Research student blogging contest finalist
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Starting a research paper, like any art form, begins with simple strokes. And much like painting or sculpting, the first steps are often the hardest. The trick to getting past this proverbial road block is to just get your ideas down on paper, even if they are not fully formed. Perfecting and refining your ideas can come later. It is much more difficult to work on ideas if they remained bottled in your head. Here are some helpful hints for getting started on your research papers this semester. Read more

College advice for writing effective arguments

Reinventing Research student blogging contest winner

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Student Research Paper Advice

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Oh, I don’t know what to write about? How shall I start? What do I do when I get stuck? Where shall I stand from my topic? How shall I convince my audience?

These are some of the questions that could conquer the writer’s mind and prevent her from writing at ease. You may at times try to write and find that you have nothing to say. In fact, good writing is focused, organized, and concrete. Effective essays are written in style and tone that are suited to both the audience and the writer’s purpose. These are sound principles, all well known to you. But how, exactly, do you achieve them when writing an argument? If you accept the notion that you learn about your ideas as you write, then you will accept the notion of writing as a process. Read more