“The Real History of Science Fiction” as a research paper topic

Science fiction plays an important role in modern culture and aspirations for the future. Once considered just a genre for adolescent boys, sci-fi is true literary fiction, television and film that lets all of us ask “What if?” It reflects our societal worries and fears, it lets us dream of wonderful science and technology-filled futures and it creates cautionary tales of disaster if we don’t change our selfish ways. The cable channel BBC America is airing a four-part documentary series “The Real History of Science Fiction.” The show offers good research paper topics; follow along to learn about science fiction’s history, legacy, and cultural influences.

The cast of BBC America's "The Real History of Science Fiction." (Credit: Matthew Jackson)

The cast of BBC America’s “The Real History of Science Fiction.” (Credit: Matthew Jackson)

The show’s four episodes are dedicated to space, time travel, alien invasions, and robots and cyborgs. Read more