Illegal drugs topics for research papers

While many issues related to illegal drugs can be contentious or political, several make good potential topics for research papers. For your term paper you could write about the increase in heroin drug abuse and addiction that has emerged out of prescription drug abuse, driving under the influence of drugs and dangerous new drugs like K2 a.k.a. spice.

Learn more about illegal drugs for your research paper. (Credit: Northern Sound)

Learn more about illegal drugs for your research paper. (Credit: Northern Sound)

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Counseling psychology and development: Providing therapeutic treatments to treat a wide variety of symptoms

William James

Influential 19th century psychologist and philosopher, William James

In life, there are no guarantees. While you can control much of what goes on in your life, there are instances when issues can arise, overwhelming our abilities to manage and control our responses to them. Counseling psychology is one of the largest specialty practices within the field of psychology. Counseling psychologists take a more generalized approach when helping patients with any one of their psychosomatic problems.

William James was an influential 19th century psychologist and philosopher who wrote a pioneering paper called The Principles of Psychology, blending his own research and thoughts about psychology, philosophy and physiology. Read more