Writer Alana Joli Abbott

Alana Joli Abbott is a freelance writer and editor, novelist, game designer, book reviewer, and comic writer. You can find out more about her work and hobbies at her website, VirgilAndBeatrice.com. | Circle on Google+ | Follow on Twitter @alanajoli

Writer Ginny Gaylor

Ginny Gaylor is a freelance writer and editor who has contributed her talents to publications such as Elegant Bride, Home Accents Today, AAA Traveler and MedlinePlus Magazine. | Circle on Google+Follow on Twitter @ggaylor

Bessie Mazur is a freelance writer and editor for Cengage Learning. Bessie lives in the metro-Detroit area with her husband and is a middle school special education teacher. She loved college so much that she is back for a third time working on a masters in literacy. | Circle on Google+ | Follow on Twitter @mazur_bessie

Byron Gordon is a freelance writer, social media marketing consultant, and blogger. You can review some of his stories on his Contently page. Please connect via LinkedIn |Circle on Google+ | Follow on Twitter @ByronG

Writer, editor Kim Herrera

Kim Herrera is the owner and founder of Navitas Human Capital, a management consulting firm that provides human resource and career solutions for the nonprofit and emerging business market. Ms. Herrera is also a freelance writer and editor, covering business and career-related topics for eLearning and online publications. Circle on Google+Follow on Twitter @navitasHR

Catherine Holm, editor, is the author of the short story collection My Heart is a Mountain (Holy Cow! Press) and the memoir Driving with Cats: Ours for a Short Time (North Star Press, 2013). As Ann Catanzaro, she writes cat fantasy fiction. She is a freelance writer and a yoga instructor. Learn more about Catherine and her writing at www.catherineholm.com. Photo by @Deborah Sussex Photography | Circle on Google+

Writer, Angela Kovalyak

Angela Kovalyak is a writer, editor and travel agent. She has been both a high school and college English teacher but her passion is in the pen. Since entering the writing/editorial realm over 7 years ago, she has written and edited a number of topics, from pet care to personal finance and everything in between. Angela is based in the Cincinnati, OH, area where she lives with her husband, daughter and 2 cats. | Circle on Google+

Writer Claire Moore

Claire Moore writes on subjects from personal finance to gardening. Her work has appeared on a variety of sites including: LiveSolid, Move.com, Questia, and Business Insights:Global. Claire has earned master’s degrees in both business and instructional design, and holds adjunct faculty positions at several California colleges and universities. | Circle on Google+ | Follow on Twitter @cmoorewriter

Writer Lorraine Savage

Lorraine Savage has worked in publishing for many years. She was editor of several magazines for health care, semiconductors, business, animal care, and animation. For Greenhaven Press she edited books on eating disorders, peer pressure, mental illness, and geothermal energy. Lorraine also writes biographies and edits travel books. | Circle on Google+www.athenasscribe.com.

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Peris Castaneda is a Marketing Intern at CengageBrain.com and just finished up her Masters in Elementary Education. | Circle on Google+


Managing Editor Taylor Massey

Taylor Massey is the managing editor of the Questia blog, Citations, and is based in Chicago, Illinois. For general questions and comments, please contact sblogeditor@cengagebrain.com. | Circle on Google+ | Follow on Twitter @taylormmassey

Nicole Reinard is a managing editor of the Questia blog, Citations, and is based in Chicago, Illinois. | Circle on Google+