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Books are the stairs to knowledge


Rene Descartes, on reading good books

Isn’t that the truth!


How to research academic journals online that cover many disciplines and sources

Academic journals onlineWe previously posted how students can research communication journals online and wanted to supplement it with a post about researching academic journals online using Questia, the digital library and online research and paper-writing tool.

When you research Questia, users will find a wide ranging series of periodicals to aid them in their research and written assignments, including:

  • More than six thousand online books that cover all types of scholarly journal topics from multicultural case studies to teaching academic literacy
  • More than three academic journals articles
  • More than 2,600 magazine articles and 800+ newspaper articles Read more

Questia research tutorials: Teaching the necessary skills to write a research paper by improving writing and researching proficiency

We at Questia are happy to announce the release of our brand new, interactive research tutorials designed to improve students’ abilities to write even better research papers faster.

Research tutorials

Instructors suggest 10 hours or more to complete the final paper, recognizing the many steps involved to craft an effective research paper. For their part students know that writing a research paper can be overwhelming, taking entire days, weeks or months to complete. Yet while over 52% of college instructors recommend starting a research paper the day it is assigned, only 17% of students report doing so. Read more

Studying Mexican history: From the ancient Maya to revolution and modern day independence

Mexican HistoryMexican history spans more than two millennia and with it, a rich exploration into the mixing of different native Indian cultures, including those of the Olmecs, Toltecs, Aztecs, along with the native Spanish, who invaded Mexico in 1519 and later conquered the Aztec empire by 1521. In reviewing Mexican history, many of the native Indian cultures practiced human sacrifice to appease their Gods while at the same time having made major achievements in the areas of mathematics, astronomy, architecture, and art. The Maya, for example, were able to predict the solar and lunar eclipses and produced one of the most accurate calendars up until the 20th century.  Read more

Our collection just keeps getting bigger!

Questia has just added over 2,000 new book titles to its collection. Check out these featured books that we have made free for a limited time.

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"Spying Blind: The CIA, the FBI, and the Origins of 9/11" By: Amy B. Zegart

"Spying Blind: The CIA, the FBI, and the Origins of 9/11" By: Amy B. Zegart

"The Road to Dallas: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy" By: David Kaiser

"The Road to Dallas: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy" By: David Kaiser








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Ace your exams with a healthy body and mind

With “a broad foundation of well-being,” says Eileen Tracy, “you’ll be in good condition for your exams.” In her book The Student’s Guide to Exam Success, she recommends building that foundation on the following Five Pillars of Health: Moderation, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, and Expression.   Read more

At your leisure: Good Times!

Are you taking advantage of your free time?

Most of us spend our days scrambling to get everything in. So when school or job breaks offer up a chunk of free time, we can be at a loss for how to fill it. Rather than zoning out until the hours dribble away or filling up the time with busy work, consider these fun – and frugal – alternatives. Read more