National Security Agency (NSA) violated personal privacy rules more than 2700 times audit finds

Personal privacyIn June 2013 Americans first learned that the National Security Agency (NSA) engages in programs that violate the personal privacy of U. S. citizens. Ever since, President Obama has made efforts to persuade citizens that any such programs are conducted with oversight that ensures a balance between security and privacy. Yet those claims are coming under close scrutiny in light of recent revelations that the NSA overstepped its authority and violated privacy rules more than 2700 times from April 2011 to March 2012. Read more

Good research topic ideas and tips for writing a psychology term paper

How to research psychology

How to research psychology (Photo credit: JohnConnell)

Writing a term paper forces you to bring together many skills that you are learning in your classes. First you will need to research topic ideas and then narrow your focus to one main idea. When writing a psychology term paper, there are so many possible topics from which to choose that it would be easy to get stalled at the beginning of your project. Here are a few tips and resources to help keep your project on track! Read more

University library redesign — shaping the future of research and learning

English: The main reading romm of Graz Univers...

English: The main reading room of Graz University Library (19th century) on 2 Sep 2003. (Photo by Dr. Marcus Gossler)

Is the university library going the way of the dodo? As with all things, change is a given, and today’s modern technologies have been impacting the way higher education conducts its learning and research. But that doesn’t mean that libraries will cease to exist. As the concept of the university library undergoes a redesign, what can students and professors expect? Read more

The Wolverine movie and history books: Nagasaki atomic bomb

The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ...

The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed tens of thousands of Japanese civilians.

We recently passed the 68th anniversary of the Hiroshima/Nagasaki atomic bombs dropped in Japan during World War II. You might not be looking for historical context in a summer blockbuster like The Wolverine movie, but the story begins when the U.S. military dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Indestructible war prisoner Logan saving a Japanese officer by shielding his body against the atomic blast is the basis for the movie’s plot. For a history book account of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing and their aftermath, visit Questia for some of the best history books for research. Read more

Prince George, future king of England: Choosing a royal baby name

Prince William All parents have important decisions to make when choosing baby names, but for parents like Kate Middleton and Prince William, whose son will one day be the king of England, there’s far greater pressure to get it right. Young Prince George doesn’t have 15 minutes of fame to look forward to: instead, his whole life will be under the watchful eye of the press. Luckily, with the pressure there were also a limited number of acceptable choices for the young royal couple. The royal children of England often have between three and seven first names, but the list of names to choose from is relatively short, as the kings and queens of England reuse their names over and over again. Read more

Write with authority using Questia’s research tutorials

Research tutorials

Research tutorials

Have you checked out Questia’s Research Tutorials yet? The self-study research tutorials are designed to guide you through the steps of persuasive writing. Offering a virtual library of lesson plans, the tutorials provide tips and guidelines so you can write a more persuasive, researched and effective paper. You can access one or all of the tutorials, work at your own pace and stop and resume them later at a more convenient time. Read more

Citing sources: Tips and tools for citing APA style or MLA style with confidence

citation needed

citation needed (Photo credit: Dan4th)

Writing a research paper includes many detailed tasks. From choosing your topic to citing sources, there are skills and challenges to be mastered and demonstrated. Whether it’s APA style or MLA style, citing relevant sources in your paper is key to gaining the trust of your reader. Without good sources to buttress your case, your paper may not earn the grade that you desire. Read more

The future of college newspapers: Print or online?

Student newspaper staff pictured in the librar...

Student newspaper staff pictured in the library, Burgaw High School, 1959 (Photo credit: North Carolina Digital Heritage Center)

When you want to read about the latest news on campus, where do you turn? Do you go online in search of the news or do you pick up a printed copy on the way to class? Perhaps your college doesn’t have a printed version anymore. With the progressive demise of print journalism, college newspapers, too, have not been immune. Some schools are threatened by such heavy budget woes that the existence of their newspaper could collapse altogether. College newspapers have played a crucial role in their university’s history, reporting the news that is by and for the students. While the future of college newspapers is at a crossroads, we look at the various challenges facing them. Read more

So you want to be an architect? Study architecture books and articles on Frank Lloyd Wright, Medieval, Islamic, and Renaissance architectural styles

Architecture booksIn celebration of 2013’s National Architecture Week, Questia is promoting a portion of its archive devoted to architecture books and articles for undergraduates pursuing architectural studies. Top architects continue to command major media attention and Toyo Ito, a Japanese architect, is no exception having recently been awarded his profession’s top honor, the Pritzer Architecture Prize.

Architecture, which is the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings, takes us back to more than 10,000 years to the Neolithic period, or the latter part of the Stone Age. Read more

Studying Mexican history: From the ancient Maya to revolution and modern day independence

Mexican HistoryMexican history spans more than two millennia and with it, a rich exploration into the mixing of different native Indian cultures, including those of the Olmecs, Toltecs, Aztecs, along with the native Spanish, who invaded Mexico in 1519 and later conquered the Aztec empire by 1521. In reviewing Mexican history, many of the native Indian cultures practiced human sacrifice to appease their Gods while at the same time having made major achievements in the areas of mathematics, astronomy, architecture, and art. The Maya, for example, were able to predict the solar and lunar eclipses and produced one of the most accurate calendars up until the 20th century.  Read more