U.S. college rankings: Influential, but effective?

College rankings

College ranking has gained prominence over the years, and colleges and universities compete to rank high on these lists so they can impress investors, students and parents. The influence these rankings have mean larger budgets and donations for the schools, leading to increased anxiety among college officials. U.S. News & World Report’s college ranking is one of the most popular lists, but others include Forbes and Princeton Review. But what weight do these rankings have? Are they really effective in determining the best schools? If not, are there better ways to rank schools? Read more

FDA ruling sets standards for gluten free diet foods labeling: Buy with confidence

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...On Friday, August 2, 2013, an FDA ruling was finalized that set a standard for the labeling of gluten-free diet foods. This is good news for the more than three million Americans who must modify their diets in order to deal with the effects of celiac disease. Friday’s ruling enhances a 2004 law that addresses the levels of trace gluten in foods that bear the label of gluten-free. Read more

Questia Reading Room: Honoring 2012’s election season with free books on popular US presidents

Popular US presidentsElection season 2012 has come and gone as the United States welcomes a familiar face back into The White House. To celebrate America’s leaders past and present, we’re sharing books on the 15 most researched US presidents on Questia for free for a month. We were even able to quickly create a perfect APA bibliography using Questia’s handy bibliography tool! Did you know Questia will automatically generate your bibliography in MLA, APA or Chicago format? Be sure to try it out as you work on your next research paper or project. (You could even consider a presidential topic with all this free, librarian-selected research.)

Enjoy! Read more

Human rights, humanitarianism and civil society: Free research for Universal Human Rights Month

Human Rights MonthFrom the fight against segregation to the pursuit for equal LGBT marriage rights, human rights has come a long way over the years not just in the United States, but throughout the world. In honor of Universal Human Rights Month, we at Questia, the premier online research and paper-writing tool for students, are making the below books on human rights topics free through the month of December. Read more

American consumerism, materialism and conspicuous consumption — A culture in crisis?

American consumerismIf there’s one thing American culture has never shied away from, it’s consumerism. The term consumerism was first used in 1915 to refer to “advocacy of the rights and interests of consumers, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. But does all this consumerism make us any happier? Northwestern University found that anyone placing great value on wealth, status and material possessions is more likely to be depressed and anti-social than the rest of us. Read more

Business and finance: Research paper topics and resources for the budding mogul

Are you a business mogul in the making? No doubt you’re burning the midnight oil as you inch ever closer to your degree in business or finance. You’re familiar with all the reading that has to be done but what about the analysis? You’re going to be expected to choose from hundreds of possible research paper topics on many areas such as the deficit, monetary policy, and the European debt crisis. Here are some ideas to get you started. Read more