Summer online courses: We found the 8 most unusual

College students can get bored during the summer. I kept my brain from turning to mush on a beach by improving my academics with some summer reading and light hearted studying by taking online courses in a zany or unusual subject.

Have you considered online courses over summer break?

Have you considered online courses over summer break?

I took a course in the Hawaiian language and it was fascinating. My study tip for college students who want to expand their knowledge is to search the Internet for unique and fun online courses. Read more

Is grad school worth it with my college major?

If you’re close to completing your bachelor’s degree then the question of grad school is likely on your mind. Moving on to earn more academic degrees takes more planning than it used to because of the higher costs of college. The question becomes, “Is a master’s degree worth it?”

Find out now if grad school is right for you.

Find out now if grad school is right for you.

Depending on your college major it may well be worth the time and costs. Let’s take a look at whether a postgraduate degree is a good choice for you. Read more

Rhetoric and public speaking: How to give a good speech

Taking a class in rhetoric and public speaking? Many people, including college students, find speaking in front of a group scary and intimidating.

It is possible to get rid of your public speaking fears. (Credit: Tom Noonan)

It is possible to get rid of your public speaking fears. (Credit: Tom Noonan)

When it comes to how to give a good speech, there are things you can do to make the process easier, including look for speech ideas the same way you would research paper topics. To get started, let’s walk through tips and suggestions for public speaking. Read more

Study for final exams as you would file your tax return

You no sooner get your income tax return filed than you have to turn around and get ready for final exams. Don’t let all that work go to waste. The same organization principles you used to do your taxes can be applied to your final exam schedule. First you have to gather all the data that you’ll need then you have to look it over and decide what is most important.

Just as there are rules for filling out tax forms, there are systems that will help you pass finals. Let’s look at some study tips for college final exams. Read more

8 college tips to stay calm during final exam week

Most college students panic before a final exam. Some stress is good and gets your adrenaline pumping. But too much stress–especially unwarranted stress–can be bad for your body and for your grades.

Study tips, study plans, dorm room exercises, and even diet can help relieve anxiety. Here are eight college tips to help you stay calm during your mid-term or final exams. Read more

Need some tips for finals? Look no further than #TheFinalsCountdown

It almost seems unreal that college finals are just around the corner – #TheFinalsCountdown is on. Now is the time to begin preparing though so you’re not bombarded in studying materials just days before your finals. Trust me: you’ll really wish you had started earlier as opposed to procrastinating, which we are all guilty of.

Since there’s no time like the present, we are here to share you some tips and words of encouragement that will get you through finals! Read more

How to get started and stay motivated writing a research paper

It has happened to all of us—you have to write a research paper, but the topic, or the class, is something you hate. So how to get started and stay motivated when writing that research paper?

There are some tips and tricks that will help you blast through your dreaded task, hopefully with flying colors. Read more

10 spring cleaning and organizing ideas for college students

Spring is the traditional time to clean out your house after a long winter of being stuck indoors. Although it may still feel like winter where you are, it’s still a good time for college students to think about spring cleaning and getting organized for a new year.

In this article we’ll take a look at the top ten things you can do to simplify your life by organizing your computer files and homework assignments. Here is your spring cleaning checklist. Read more

Guide to finding a mentor for college students

College students know how full their lives are—classes, friends, socializing, maybe even working. Your days are pretty packed. But at some point you have to start thinking beyond college. What will you do for a career? How will you accomplish all your goals?

A mentor will help with student success in college. (Credit:

A mentor will help with student success in college. (Credit:

Finding a mentor can help you reach your goals and provide a wealth of career information. Read on for a guide to picking the best mentor for you. Read more

Countdown to final exams: Study tips and techniques for success

Nothing strikes fear and dread in the hearts of students like final exams. It’s just weeks away so you need to start preparing now by creating your own final exam schedule. Along with stocking up on Ramen noodles and caffeinated drinks, you’ll need some expert study tips.

With the right preparation, final exams can seem less daunting. (Credit: QuickMeme)

With the right preparation, final exams can seem less daunting. (Credit: QuickMeme)

It’s also a good idea to focus on how to reduce stress because pushing yourself too hard is as bad as doing nothing at all. Let’s take a look at the best ways to use your time between now and final exams. Read more