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Q Insider: Questia’s creators reveal biggest updates and brand new features

Questia homepageVisit Questia today and you may notice a difference — a BIG difference. Not only does the homepage have a new look and feel, but the entire site and its contents have been upgraded for an improved research experience. For years, students and researchers have depended on Questia to provide high-quality sources coupled with time-saving organization tools; and now, Questia is even better! Read more

Questia conquers writer’s block for term paper topics

Questia.comWriters block is never fun when you’re looking for term paper topics to write about. You stare at the screen and feel like your brain has simply stopped. No inspiration is coming out, and you haven’t got any writing ideas. Or, maybe you do have story ideas in mind but don’t feel confident enough to tackle them. To the rescue is Questia topic pages and our Q&A blog to help you find interesting humanities and social sciences term paper topics. Read more

From random to relevant: Questia beats out search engines in finding research

Good term paper topicsLet’s face it, throughout your college career you’re going to be writing plenty of papers. You might even have to do a little research. It’s always good to have a secret weapon that will put your work head and shoulders above of the rest. The new and improved Questia is it! When it comes to finding research, plain old search engines can’t give you the reliable resources you need to make it to the head of the class. Read on to see what sets Questia apart, and why you need it before you start on that next paper. Read more

Write even better research papers faster: Questia’s free iPad app now available for download from iTunes!

Free Questia Library iPad app

Free Questia Library iPad app

Thousands of downloads and positive reviews don’t lie. You’ve told us how much you like the Questia Library app for the iPhone and iPod touch, and you’ve been urging us to make it available on the iPad to make for even easier reading and accessibility of Questia’s online library. Well, good news has arrived for Apple users. By popular demand, the same Questia Library app you know and love on the iPhone is now available on the iPad and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store! Read more