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All-new Questia iOS app offers a streamlined platform for mobile research and more efficient writing

Keeping the creative juices flowing by researching topics on the go is no easy feat. While there may be various research apps for mobile phones out there, not all provide a truly unique and simple research experience. We at Questia, the premier online research tool for students, are pleased to announce the release of our […]

Q Insider: Questia’s creators reveal the biggest updates and brand new content

You may have heard us mention in the past that Questia is the premier online research and paper writing resource. Well, things have gotten even more interesting! The recent Questia relaunch has a wide variety of new and exciting features to offer students and researchers of all ages, as the entire site and its contents […]

The most common misspellings: Tips and tricks for tackling the tricky English langauge

It’s an ironic calamity that “misspell” is one of the 100 most commonly misspelled words—but here we are. Due to linguistic evolution and borrowing from other languages, American English spelling isn’t the easiest thing in the world to master. Here is a list of the most common misspellings and a few tricks to avoid the […]

Grading on a curve: The pros and cons of the curved grading system

Professors who grade on a curve can be a blessing and a curse for college students. Depending on how well you perform in a class, a curve can mean passing a course you otherwise would have failed. However, if you did particularly well in a course, you may feel cheated if the instructor decided to […]

Good college study habits — Learn more with these helpful tips

Maybe high school was a breeze for you, maybe it wasn’t. Whether you hit the books every waking moment or never saw the inside of the library, it is a whole different ball game compared to college and odds are you picked up some bad study habits. Ditch those bad habits in the new school […]

Free reading on famous conspiracy theories: Top five most researched conspiracies

Historical events have long been debated or explained as having secret plots and covert operations, but do these conspiracy theories have academic merit? Questia is home to a wealth of information and studies on a wide range of conspiracy theories involving everything from aliens to the supposed moon landing hoax theory. To offer insight on some […]

Counseling psychology and development: Providing therapeutic treatments to treat a wide variety of symptoms

In life, there are no guarantees. While you can control much of what goes on in your life, there are instances when issues can arise, overwhelming our abilities to manage and control our responses to them. Counseling psychology is one of the largest specialty practices within the field of psychology. Counseling psychologists take a more […]

Looking for a scholarship? Now accepting applications for The Julia Corine Barnes Scholarship by Questia!

The Most Valuable Professor In the summer, we at Questia announced the winner of the first “Questia’s Most Valuable Professor” contest, as part of our ongoing dedication to education. College students from across the country nominated special professors they believed deserved the title of Most Valuable Professor (MVP). For the grand prize, we pledged to establish three $2,500 […]

Questia Reading Room: Free reading from our “Newly added” books section!

The Questia library is constantly growing and evolving with the needs of our users. This holiday season, we’re happy to share some of our brand new content with the Footnotes readers! As a treat for our readers, we’re sharing some of the most recently added books  to our collection for free for a month. We were […]

Research paper citations — From tricky to unique

You’ve been assigned a research paper. Time to brush up on how to use citations! Proper use of citations not only shows that you actually did some research (key to a “research” paper), but they also help you avoid any issues of plagiarism. Certain citations are fairly straightforward (i.e. those for books). But what about […]