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Study tips: Lecture capture technology — what to know

Lecture capture technology is an assistive technology in the classroom that allows teachers to record their lectures digitally for future replay. The technology uses screenshot software to record PowerPoint slides and notes or uses webcams to video full lectures and demonstrations. The benefits of this technology include student ability to review missed material and improve […]

Work life balance: Cost of college means students need to work

In today’s economic environment, working while attending school is a tight balancing act and for many students is often not a choice but a necessity.The cost of college is going up every year, scholarships are limited, and assistance from the financial aid office goes only so far. Students need to know how to pay for […]

Liberal arts colleges: Core requirements teach basic skills

Most liberal arts colleges, but not all, have core requirements — classes that you’re required to take before graduation. These requirements typically include a little bit of everything (English, math, science) to give you a well-rounded foundation of academic knowledge from which to base the rest of your college years. In these classes you’ll study […]

Dump the bad science, and research reputable sources

There’s so much information out there, how do you know what to believe? On the Internet, anyone can say anything about any subject. So consulting reputable sources is the best course of action when you’re conducting research for a science project or paper. First, learn to spot the difference between real science and “bad” science […]

Questia conquers writer’s block for term paper topics

Writers block is never fun when you’re looking for term paper topics to write about. You stare at the screen and feel like your brain has simply stopped. No inspiration is coming out, and you haven’t got any writing ideas. Or, maybe you do have story ideas in mind but don’t feel confident enough to […]

From random to relevant: Questia beats out search engines in finding research

Let’s face it, throughout your college career you’re going to be writing plenty of papers. You might even have to do a little research. It’s always good to have a secret weapon that will put your work head and shoulders above of the rest. The new and improved Questia is it! When it comes to […]

Ray Bradbury: Day dreaming and doing what he loved

Writer Ray Bradbury died June 5, 2012 at the age of 91 at his home in Los Angeles following a long illness due to stroke. This father of some of the best science fiction books of the twentieth century wrote anthologies, eight novels and hundreds of short stories. A 1966 movie was made of his […]