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Research topic: Ebola fighters named Person of the Year

A good research paper topic for your term paper could be to write about real world heroes who contribute to the greater good. For example, this year’s Time “Person of the Year” is Ebola fighters, those courageous men and women who worked with Ebola victims at the risk of their own health. Topics for research […]

“Interstellar” movie offers good science research paper topics

The Interstellar movie offers many ideas for good research paper topics, including historical perspective on the dust bowl, science fiction and lots of science facts, climate change, and discussion about the future of mankind. Consider writing about some of the movie’s themes for your term paper. The premise of the movie is that Earth has […]

Musical theater research paper topics

Some good research paper topics on musical theater could be to write about the success, influence, controversy or message of various hit Broadway musicals. Here are some ideas for the popularity of The Book of Mormon, controversy over Kinky Boots and the contributions of Jewish playwrights and producers to American theater and culture. There is […]

Elephant poaching for ivory: research paper topics

August 2014 has the distinction of being the date when more African elephants are being killed than are being born. Ivory demand in Asia and the Middle East has skyrocketed, raising rhinoceros and elephant poaching in Africa to new levels. Education, laws and enforcement are needed. Consider elephant hunting and the new ban on ivory […]

Philae probe lands on comet 67P: Term paper topic

Last week for the first time, a spacecraft has landed on the surface of a comet. The European Space Agency’s Rosetta satellite traveled billions of miles to deliver the little Philae probe onto comet 67P to discover facts about comets. Good research paper topics for your next term paper could be to research the progress […]

Research on terrorism in America for your term paper

For your politics and government term paper, consider writing about terrorism in America and the study of terrorism statistics and data. Many governmental and private research centers are conducting studies and compiling statistics for domestic terrorism in the U.S. and for international terrorism around the world. For good research paper topics, you can mine these […]

The fall of the Berlin Wall: Research paper topic

For your European history class term paper, consider writing about the Berlin Wall. Earlier this month marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the iconic symbol of the Cold War. For your research paper you could write about the history of the Berlin Wall, its fall and its legacy for world politics.

Trends in literary theory research paper topics

Literary theory is the study of literature and its significance for culture and historical perspective. Some good research paper topics could be to define literary theory and discuss various aspects of literary criticism. You could also write your term paper on some new trends in literary theory such as environmental theory and gender queer theory. […]

Effects of California drought for your research paper

Some good research paper topics could be to write about the current years-long California drought, one of the most severe droughts on record. Farmers are especially hard hit as California is one of the biggest agricultural producers in the country. Water shortages are pervasive and water conservation is key. For your next term paper, consider […]

Criminal justice topics for your research paper

With all the fervor over the recent shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in the news, college students in criminal justice class should be able to find good research paper topics. One topic for your term paper is the perceived racial bias in the criminal justice system. Other possible topics are the positive link […]