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Women and minorities in STEM fields as your research topic

In July 2015, U.S. News hosted a symposium on ways to attract women and minorities to STEM fields in higher education. Good research paper topics for a science and technology or engineering class could be to discuss the disparity of women and minorities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers and ways to encourage […]

Different types of psychology for your research paper

The field of psychology covers a vast area of specialized study. Psychology journals and articles discuss different types of psychology, such as infant development and perinatal psychology or media psychology. You can also discuss the exciting work of a forensic psychologist. Here are some good research paper topics on other types of psychology.

New Horizons Pluto mission to the Kuiper Belt as your research topic

Earthlings will get an up close and personal look at the Pluto system as the New Horizons spacecraft is nearing the end of its 3 billion mile journey to the recently downgraded planet and its moons. The New Horizons probe is the first to travel to the Kuiper Belt where it will take pictures of […]

How stress affects college students and what to do about it

Stress among college students continues to grow, and different students cope with stress in campus life in several ways. For proper student health, students and their counselors should learn to identify the cause of stress and devise appropriate stress relief techniques. Whether you are someone experiencing extreme amounts of stress during college or know someone who […]

Term paper topic: Genetically modified food (GMO) pros and cons

Looking for some good research paper topics for an environmental science or genetics class? Consider writing about genetically modified food pros and cons. Genetically modified foods (also known as genetically modified organisms, or GMO) and the labeling of foods that are genetically modified is a contentious debate. Some say GMO food is no different than […]

Award winning short stories in contemporary literature as your research topic

Analyses of award winning short stories are among the good research paper topics in the field of contemporary literature. There are many short story genres, languages and themes to research and any number of awards you can look at to find source material. Here are some interesting research paper topics on inspirational short stories.

TV show Orphan Black characters: Innovations in filmmaking

The BBC America/Canadian sci-fi television show Orphan Black just wrapped up its third season with the versatile actress Tatiana Maslany having played more than a dozen different characters, all clones in a secret scientific experiment. An interesting research paper topic for your television or filmmaking production class is to write about the many ways this […]

U.S. incarceration rates and criminal punishment for your criminal justice term paper

Criminal punishment, incarceration rates by race, the role of rehabilitation, and the high rate of the mentally ill in prison all offer many good research paper topics. For your term paper you could discuss how the U.S. imprisons more people than any other country, measures to reduce the prison population, race disparity in the U.S. […]

Research topic: 150th anniversary of Juneteenth day in Civil War history

June 19, 1865, is considered one of the most significant U.S. Civil War dates. It’s the day the last of the slaves in the country were freed. Called Juneteenth day, the date is still celebrated, and 2015 marks its 150th anniversary. For good research paper topics for your Civil War history, American history or African […]

Republican Party drops Iowa straw poll as your research topic

Political news was abuzz this month when the Republican Party officially dropped the Iowa straw poll. Due to the political poll’s non-binding results and continued irrelevance, the GOP political party decided not to hold the poll in August 2015, ahead of the 2016 Presidential election. A good research paper topic can be to discuss the […]