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Positive psychology and psychology of happiness research paper topics

The raunchy comedy game show “@Midnight” recently had an all-happy episode in which there would be no bad news, no election coverage and instead, cat videos, and puppies and babies doing cute things. The psychology of happiness, also known as positive psychology, is big business (and a pharmaceutical profit bonanza) as people just want to […]

Musical theater research paper topics

Musical theater plays a big role in our culture as evidenced by the popularity of big budget Broadway musicals. Here are some research paper topics for women in theater, the relationship between Broadway and television, and children’s theater.

Research paper topics on education theory

Educational theories pertain to the goal, application, and interpretation of educational practices and methods of learning. Educational theorists have conducted research into various teaching methods to improve success. Here are some research paper topics for training teachers in education theory, using the “bare wall” theory in kindergarten classrooms, and encouraging nurse educators to use evidence-based […]

Whitewashing in Hollywood and Doctor Strange as your research topics

Whitewashing in Hollywood movies is pervasive and unnecessary. Whitewashing is when an ethnic or minority character is played by a white actor. In the Marvel Comics original Doctor Strange story, the character of the Ancient One is Tibetan, but is played in the movie by white British actress Tilda Swinton. A good research paper topic […]

Ancient religions research paper topics

Some ancient religions are dead, some are still practiced today in pockets around the world, some, like Christianity and Judaism, are still going strong after thousands of years. Some research paper topics are to write about the Islam religion, Native American religion and ancient Greek religion.

Social psychology research paper topics on race, gender and self-perception

Psychology studies include the branch of social psychology, which blends psychology and sociology to understand human interaction, how perception is conceived through others, and social identity based on culture, race and gender. Here are some research paper topics in social psychology dealing with racial profiling, gender identity and self-perception theory.

Political communication term paper topics

Political communication is the use of media to influence political outcomes in elections, political campaigns, debates, revolutions, and government operations. Through images, symbols, and rhetoric, individuals or groups try to manipulate or influence others toward a cause or ideology. Here are some term paper topics for political communication in the presidential election and Arab Spring.

Privatization pros and cons research paper topics

Privatization is when a business operation uses privately owned funds, compared to a public company that uses investors’ money traded on a stock exchange. Many services and industries are privatized, such as private prisons, education, healthcare and utilities. Good research paper topics are to write about the pros and cons of privatization.

Banned Books Week research paper topics

Banned Books Week for 2016 recently ended but it got a lot of people talking about censorship, political correctness and infringement on free speech. Here are some research paper topics on banned and forbidden books.

Prescription drugs: Opioid drugs and rise in drug prices as research topics

There are a lot of term paper topics on prescription drugs. You can write your research paper on the rise of prescription drug abuse and oxycodone addiction. Other good research topics are the rise in drug prices, often hundreds of percent, and their consequences.