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5 tips for how to choose a college major

One of the biggest decisions for college students is choosing a college major. There is a lot riding on that choice – not only your future career, earnings potential and ability to pay back student loans, but also your happiness and sense of fulfillment doing something you enjoy for the next thirty years. You don’t […]

Ethnic diversity and inclusion in higher education

In the last decade or so, colleges and universities have realized that they need to actively push for cultural and ethnic diversity and inclusion in both their faculty and student body on college campus. College presidents are establishing councils to provide an inclusive perspective on college issues. They are holding meetings, planning agendas, organizing group […]

Gustav Klimt artwork Woman in Gold term paper topic

Elements of the movie Woman in Gold would make good research paper topics. The true story is about an elderly Jewish survivor of World War II who sues the Austrian government for the return of the Gustav Klimt artwork “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I,” also known as the Woman in Gold, which was stolen by […]

5 classroom management strategies for your term paper

Education majors learn how to teach students of various age groups. Management of the classroom is one very important element of effective teaching. Preventing and reducing disruptions are necessary for teachers so they can get on with the business of teaching. For your term paper, you could research and devise a step-by-step plan for classroom […]

4 peer-to-peer learning strategies for college students

Peer-to-peer learning strategies help college students better understand classroom material. Of course the teacher or professor is valuable to your education, as is classroom work. But did you know that you can learn from other students as well? You can improve your academics on a test or term paper by engaging in group discussions, explaining […]

Political correctness in law, media & sports for your term paper

A good term paper topic is to discuss how political correctness can be beneficial and destructive. A benefit is that people make sure to use unbiased, politically correct terms and nondiscriminatory language so as not to hurt or denigrate other ethnic or racial groups. A disadvantage is when political correctness is taken to an extreme […]

Term paper: Media coverage of mental illness

For your next term paper, consider writing about the often harmful way the media cover mental illness. The media are often too quick to make broad generalizations, stigmatize mentally ill people and link violence with depression. Mental illnesses are complex and affect people in various ways, and the media should reflect this when reporting. For […]

Summer online courses: We found the 8 most unusual

College students can get bored during the summer. I kept my brain from turning to mush on a beach by improving my academics with some summer reading and light hearted studying by taking online courses in a zany or unusual subject. I took a course in the Hawaiian language and it was fascinating. My study […]

Liquid metal properties and applications for research paper topics

With shades of the T-1000 transforming robot in Terminator 2 who could change shape and morph into whatever weapon he needed, scientists in China have announced the discovery of a liquid metal alloy that has shape shifting and self-propulsion properties. This discovery offers good research paper topics for your mechanical engineering or biotechnology class.

Mental health research paper: Gain a sense of belonging

Everyone wants to feel like they belong to a group or community, but sometimes college students may feel like an outsider—a stranger in a strange land. First-generation college students and diverse students may feel especially isolated. Psychology studies have shown that for good student health, connection to others improves motivation, mental health and happiness. For […]