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8 college tips to stay calm during final exam week

Most college students panic before a final exam. Some stress is good and gets your adrenaline pumping. But too much stress–especially unwarranted stress–can be bad for your body and for your grades. Study tips, study plans, dorm room exercises, and even diet can help relieve anxiety. Here are eight college tips to help you stay […]

International Women’s Day term paper topics

March 8 was International Women’s Day, which hosted organizations around the world that recognized the economic, political and social achievements of women, providing good research paper topics. You can write about the history of International Women’s Day or International Women’s Month (also held in March), the ways various countries are celebrating and the controversies in […]

International law: Canadian court says assisted suicide ban is unconstitutional

College students can find good research paper topics for their international law class from the recent decision by Canada’s Supreme Court declaring the country’s ban on physician assisted suicide for the terminally ill as unconstitutional. You can write term paper topics on recent Supreme Court decisions, the pro and con debate about the right-to-die, the […]

Paddington Bear and children’s literature for your research paper

For good research paper topics for your children’s literature or film studies class, consider writing about the popularity and process of converting classic and contemporary children’s books into film. The recent Paddington Bear movie is the newest entry, following a trend set by Where the Wild Things Are, Chronicles of Narnia, Charlotte’s Web and more […]

“The moon is a planet”— Science education in America

The title of this article comes from a frightening—to American educators—conversation between two TV personalities who were discussing whether the moon was a planet or a star. You certainly don’t need to know solar system facts to sell shirts on TV, but the conversation was another face slap to the deplorable state of math and […]

Theories of personality and emotion: Good research paper topics

Personality and emotion is an area of psychological study that deals with the social behavior of individuals based on their intrapersonal factors. Personality has been defined as a pattern of behavior and goals developed over time, while emotion is an integration of feelings and wants at one particular time. For your psychology class, here are […]

Archaeology news and discoveries for your term paper

The top archaeological discoveries of 2014 would make some good research paper topics for your archaeology class. You could write about the new digital maps made at Stonehenge or the origins of Buddhism. Another good term paper topic from today’s archaeology news is the difficulty in recreating an authentic “Paleo diet.” Here are some other […]

International education: Good research paper topics

For your education research paper, consider writing good research paper topics about education in different countries around the world. Here are some term paper topics that discuss education in America versus in other countries around the world, international education, study abroad, and education in Japan and Finland.

The Imitation Game: Good research paper topics

The new biopic The Imitation Game chronicles the ability of British mathematician Alan Turing to decode the Enigma machine during World War II. While many of the film’s events were fictionalized for dramatic effect, here are some actual historical events in the Alan Turing movie that would make good research paper topics.

Income inequality in America for your research topic

Income inequality in America has been increasing for the past 40 years. The top 1 percent of earners in the United States control about 35 percent of the country’s wealth. This income gap is caused by economic, social, gender and racial factors that skew wealth distribution in America. For your next term paper, consider the […]