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Research paper topic on domestic violence effects and prevention

The high profile case of Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice has brought the problem of domestic violence to light again. A good research paper topic for your sociology or women’s studies class might be to provide a definition of domestic violence, offer domestic violence statistics, discuss organizations like the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and […]

Research topic on labor unions: Market Basket strike

In an unprecedented case, the 99% went on strike to help a 1 percenter get his job back. Good research paper topics for your business, economics or labor relations class could involve the case of the New England-based grocery store chain Demoulas Market Basket, which was paralyzed by striking workers demanding that their CEO, Arthur […]

Turnitin detects plagiarism in your research paper

Turnitin (“turn it in”) is a web-based service that college admissions offices and teachers use to check for plagiarism in a college admission essay or term paper. More and more college students are plagiarizing essays and research papers. While cheating and plagiarism have been around for centuries, easy access to the web makes copying, purchasing, […]

History research paper: World War I and White House burning

Among the good research paper topics for your world history research paper this semester would be discussing some historical milestones. The year 2014 is the centennial of the start of World War I. The June 28, 1914, assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand in the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo led a month later to the official start of the war. This […]

How to use political influence of Millennials in your research paper

The Millennial generation is the largest generation by population in the United States. Millennials grew up wanted, loved and catered to. Their self-esteem was paramount and they have high expectations, great optimism about the future, and may wield powerful political influence when they vote and run for office. A good research paper topic for your […]

Borderline personality disorder: Topics for research paper

The subject of personality and emotions covers many psychological conditions concerning emotional regulation, including borderline personality disorder. Some people have difficulty managing their emotions, controlling addictions or dealing with feelings of suicide, such as with comedian and Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams who recently succumbed to suicide due to borderline personality disorder. Another example, borderline personality disorder […]

Good research paper topics on special education

Good research paper topics for special education teaching could include debates about mainstreaming special needs children into public school, the obligations of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and new developments in teaching children with autism. Here are some discussions of issues relevant to special ed and teaching children with intellectual disabilities that you could […]

Mars exploration: Astronomy research paper topic

The joint is jumping – on Mars! A good research topic for your science, engineering or astronomy class is to report on the exciting new projects happening on the Red Planet. Recent science articles report how the Opportunity rover broke the record for off-Earth travel, and how a new lander will research Martian soil, minerals […]