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International education: Good research paper topics

For your education research paper, consider writing good research paper topics about education in different countries around the world. Here are some term paper topics that discuss education in America versus in other countries around the world, international education, study abroad, and education in Japan and Finland.

The Imitation Game: Good research paper topics

The new biopic The Imitation Game chronicles the ability of British mathematician Alan Turing to decode the Enigma machine during World War II. While many of the film’s events were fictionalized for dramatic effect, here are some actual historical events in the Alan Turing movie that would make good research paper topics.

Income inequality in America for your research topic

Income inequality in America has been increasing for the past 40 years. The top 1 percent of earners in the United States control about 35 percent of the country’s wealth. This income gap is caused by economic, social, gender and racial factors that skew wealth distribution in America. For your next term paper, consider the […]

Term paper topics from Exodus: Gods and Kings

The holiday epic Bible movie, Exodus: Gods and Kings, from over-the-top director Ridley Scott, offers good research paper topics. The Hollywood movie tells the story of the Hebrew Moses who entreats Pharaoh Ramses to let the 600,000 slaves in Egypt leave as free people. You could write term paper topics on the scientific explanations of […]

Elections and voting rights research paper topics

Elections and voting rights provide many good research paper topics. Just a few are political campaign strategies for modern times, the definition of gerrymandering and its effects on democracy, and a history of voting rights. Evolution of campaigning One topic you can write about elections is the quickly changing environment of campaigning and ways to […]

Anthropology news for your research paper

There is always new research being done in the vast field of anthropology and many resources for learning more about it. Here are some recent discoveries and research in cultural anthropology that might make good research paper topics.

Discuss politics and pigs in your next research paper

Republican New Jersey governor Chris Christie recently vetoed an animal rights bill that would prohibit the use of gestation crates for factory farmed pigs. The veto made political news because Christie has presidential ambitions, and Iowa, the state with the first presidential caucus for the 2016 election, is a major pork producer. A good research […]

Research topic: Ebola fighters named Person of the Year

A good research paper topic for your term paper could be to write about real world heroes who contribute to the greater good. For example, this year’s Time “Person of the Year” is Ebola fighters, those courageous men and women who worked with Ebola victims at the risk of their own health. Topics for research […]

“Interstellar” movie offers good science research paper topics

The Interstellar movie offers many ideas for good research paper topics, including historical perspective on the dust bowl, science fiction and lots of science facts, climate change, and discussion about the future of mankind. Consider writing about some of the movie’s themes for your term paper. The premise of the movie is that Earth has […]

Musical theater research paper topics

Some good research paper topics on musical theater could be to write about the success, influence, controversy or message of various hit Broadway musicals. Here are some ideas for the popularity of The Book of Mormon, controversy over Kinky Boots and the contributions of Jewish playwrights and producers to American theater and culture. There is […]