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Food and Nutrition Research Paper Topics

Food and nutrition trends seem to change weekly, and marketers are right there to exploit any and all fads. Here are some research paper topics on healthy food, misleading food labels, restaurant nutrition facts and diet trends.

Cognitive Psychology Research Paper Topics

The field of cognitive psychology offers many good research paper topics. Here are some research paper topics on word games to stimulate the brain and stave off dementia, eyewitness testimony psychology and learning disabilities.

Henrietta Lacks’ Case Debates Medical Ethics as Your Research Topic

The fascinating case of Henrietta Lacks has many good research paper topics. The case is still being debated 60 years after the African-American woman died in 1951. Her case raises questions of medical ethics, medical research, privacy and patient’s rights. Rebecca Skloot wrote a book about Lacks, and this week, HBO is playing a movie, […]

Language Acquisition Research Paper Topics

Language acquisition is the process of learning a native or second language. Many people study how children learn a language, the factors that influence the process of learning a foreign language and the unique challenges facing English language learners (ELLs). If you are looking for research paper topics in language acquisition consider these questions as […]

Ethics in Higher Education Research Paper Topics

Colleges and universities are as susceptible to questionable ethics as any other business or organization. Here are some research paper topics on ethics in higher education, a code of ethics for teachers, fixing corruption and establishing ethical standards in college and the ethics of big data.

The Handmaid’s Tale Research Paper Topics

The Handmaid’s Tale, published in 1985 by Margaret Atwood, is a book, movie, and now a new Hulu television series about a dystopian future in which widespread sterility has put men in charge of women’s fertility. The story has implications in today’s political climate where laws are being passed restricting women’s ability to decide their […]

Government Information Research Paper Topics

Government information is vital for an informed citizenry. Information needs to be factual, secure and readily available to everyone. Some good research paper topics on government information are mistrust of local and federal government information, technology trends and data security of information, and access to information.

Leadership Traits for Research Paper Topics

Leadership skills and traits make some good research paper topics. Here are some research paper topics on what makes a good leader, business leaders, leadership traits between men and women, and teaching leadership qualities in the nursing profession.

Effective Communication Research Paper Topics

Every field of study and business needs effective communication to disseminate information, persuade colleagues and customers, and conduct business. Good communication skills are important for not just the boss but also everyone else. Here are some research paper topics on communicating science news and information, effective business communication and information overload.

Educational Standards and Controversy With Common Core

Educational standards in the United States, especially the often controversial Common Core State Standards, provides many interesting research paper topics. Here are some ideas for Common Core standards, importance of standards, GED equivalency, and the politics of educational standards.