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Liquid metal properties and applications for research paper topics

With shades of the T-1000 transforming robot in Terminator 2 who could change shape and morph into whatever weapon he needed, scientists in China have announced the discovery of a liquid metal alloy that has shape shifting and self-propulsion properties. This discovery offers good research paper topics for your mechanical engineering or biotechnology class.

Mental health research paper: Gain a sense of belonging

Everyone wants to feel like they belong to a group or community, but sometimes college students may feel like an outsider—a stranger in a strange land. First-generation college students and diverse students may feel especially isolated. Psychology studies have shown that for good student health, connection to others improves motivation, mental health and happiness. For […]

King Richard III grave found: Archaeology or genetics term paper

For your term paper, consider writing about the 2012 discovery of a grave and skeleton in Leicester, England that was identified as belonging to King Richard III, the last English king to die in battle. The story of the excavation, discovery of the skeleton and the DNA science that led to its identification would make […]

Research topic: Sexual assault on college campus

The Hunting Ground is a new documentary that chronicles the pervasive problem of sexual assault on college campuses, the reluctance of school administrations to do anything about it and the stand sexual assault survivors are taking to change this. For your criminal justice or education class term paper, you could write about sexual assault on […]

Technology news term paper topics

Technology is a vast subject with lots of good research paper topics. Many news websites, such as CNN, BBC, New York Times and Huffington Post, have Technology News departments where you can get ideas on new technology inventions and developments for your term paper. Another good source for topics is technology magazines, such as CNET, […]

Education policy and No Child Left Behind for your research paper

Some good research paper topics on education policy and law involve writing about the role of the federal government and the Department of Education in education policy in the United States. For example, a term paper topic on education reform could be to research the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law, which is being discussed […]

International governments term paper topics

For college students who are a world governments or international relations major, there are many interesting research paper topics to choose from. Consider writing about international policies, elections, laws and economics. For a start, here are term paper ideas covering the Australian government, German government and Hong Kong government.

8 college tips to stay calm during final exam week

Most college students panic before a final exam. Some stress is good and gets your adrenaline pumping. But too much stress–especially unwarranted stress–can be bad for your body and for your grades. Study tips, study plans, dorm room exercises, and even diet can help relieve anxiety. Here are eight college tips to help you stay […]

International Women’s Day term paper topics

March 8 was International Women’s Day, which hosted organizations around the world that recognized the economic, political and social achievements of women, providing good research paper topics. You can write about the history of International Women’s Day or International Women’s Month (also held in March), the ways various countries are celebrating and the controversies in […]

International law: Canadian court says assisted suicide ban is unconstitutional

College students can find good research paper topics for their international law class from the recent decision by Canada’s Supreme Court declaring the country’s ban on physician assisted suicide for the terminally ill as unconstitutional. You can write term paper topics on recent Supreme Court decisions, the pro and con debate about the right-to-die, the […]