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TV show Orphan Black characters: Innovations in filmmaking

The BBC America/Canadian sci-fi television show Orphan Black just wrapped up its third season with the versatile actress Tatiana Maslany having played more than a dozen different characters, all clones in a secret scientific experiment. An interesting research paper topic for your television or filmmaking production class is to write about the many ways this […]

U.S. incarceration rates and criminal punishment for your criminal justice term paper

Criminal punishment, incarceration rates by race, the role of rehabilitation, and the high rate of the mentally ill in prison all offer many good research paper topics. For your term paper you could discuss how the U.S. imprisons more people than any other country, measures to reduce the prison population, race disparity in the U.S. […]

Research topic: 150th anniversary of Juneteenth day in Civil War history

June 19, 1865, is considered one of the most significant U.S. Civil War dates. It’s the day the last of the slaves in the country were freed. Called Juneteenth day, the date is still celebrated, and 2015 marks its 150th anniversary. For good research paper topics for your Civil War history, American history or African […]

Republican Party drops Iowa straw poll as your research topic

Political news was abuzz this month when the Republican Party officially dropped the Iowa straw poll. Due to the political poll’s non-binding results and continued irrelevance, the GOP political party decided not to hold the poll in August 2015, ahead of the 2016 Presidential election. A good research paper topic can be to discuss the […]

Research paper topic: Famous historians

The topic of “historians” for a term paper is daunting because it’s so vast. You could write about famous historians, historians of a certain era throughout history, historians who specialize in a certain topic, problems faced by historians, or debate about historical facts from one historian to another. Here are some interesting research paper topics […]

Media studies research topic: LGBT community on TV

Aspects of LGBT portrayal on television would make interesting research paper topics. Cucumber and Banana, and the documentary Tofu, are a new series of interlocking television shows portraying the LGBT community in England that have debuted recently from creator and writer Russell T. Davies. The shows present the lives of gay and straight urban couples […]

Resume tips for college graduates—and current students!

You graduated college. Yeah! You need a job. Oh. How do you start, how do you get your foot in the door, how can you write a killer resume and cover letter? The job market is still tough, you’re competing with lots of other college students, and you don’t have a whole lot of experience […]

Fast food industry term paper topics

The fast food industry offers a lot of good research paper topics. You can write about the economics, food preparation, food supply, consumer perception of fast food, nutritional content or employee wages. Here are some suggestions for term paper topics on food trends and economics at fast food restaurants.

5 tips for how to choose a college major

One of the biggest decisions for college students is choosing a college major. There is a lot riding on that choice – not only your future career, earnings potential and ability to pay back student loans, but also your happiness and sense of fulfillment doing something you enjoy for the next thirty years. You don’t […]

Ethnic diversity and inclusion in higher education

In the last decade or so, colleges and universities have realized that they need to actively push for cultural and ethnic diversity and inclusion in both their faculty and student body on college campus. College presidents are establishing councils to provide an inclusive perspective on college issues. They are holding meetings, planning agendas, organizing group […]