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Investigative journalism as your communications research topic

The Spotlight movie explores The Boston Globe’s Spotlight journalism team’s uncovering of the sexual abuse of Catholic priests in the Boston diocese from conception, through investigative reporting to publication. The movie specifically highlights the methods used by the journalists to uncover a very carefully hidden secret. Topics for research papers for your journalism or communications […]

Red Cross charity scandal in Haiti: Research paper topic

Many people want to do the right thing and donate to a charity or not-for-profit organization, whether it’s after a natural disaster, for a medical disease or to help a local institution. But charity fraud and mismanagement is rising, especially with the ease of donating money online or by smartphone. In the field of social […]

Native American history research paper topics

Native American history offers hundreds of years’ worth of  interesting research paper topics. There are several suggestions we recommend you use for topics. These include famous Native Americans, the dark period of forced placement of Native children into Indian boarding schools to eradicate their Native American culture and language; and Native American Heritage Month.

Third-party presidential election candidates as your research topic

For your political science class, consider writing a term paper on independent and third-party candidates who run in the presidential election. Third parties usually don’t win, but they influence the policy debate in the country. You can write interesting research paper topics on the history of third parties and their influence on the presidential campaign.

Discuss economic conditions in your next research paper

Economic conditions and the economic crisis offer a variety of interesting research paper topics for your economics or business class. Consult economic news articles for information on the pros and cons of globalization, effects of economic condition on employees, and small business outlook.

Charter schools and education: term paper topics

Looking for a term paper topic for your education class? The number of charter schools has been growing in recent years, expanding into many state school districts. Interesting research paper topics include describing what is charter school education, charter school versus public school opportunities and the debate over teacher certification.

Pharmaceutical industry research paper topics

Science news articles have been reporting on the pharmaceutical industry and the high cost of prescription drugs. Some good research paper topics are to discuss new technological developments from the drug companies, and pro and con debates about the rise in drug costs.

Science education and STEM topics for your research paper

The fields of science education and STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) provide many interesting research paper topics, from declining enrollment and follow-through in science majors in higher education, to women in science and teachers making science learning fun. For your science and technology or education term paper, consult science articles for current science in […]

Colleges practice environmental sustainability as your research topic

Good research paper topics in the fields of environmentalism or sustainable development is to write about colleges and universities going green. More and more, institutions, faculty and students are all taking initiatives to go green, adopting ways to help the environment, save energy, recycle and discuss green initiatives. Consider writing your term paper about ways […]

8 tips on how to compose a college research paper

College students dread the research paper. But in actuality, writing a research paper is not so difficult or time consuming if you know what you’re doing. Following a step-by-step plan or outline will make your task seem less like a chaotic jumble. So here are some tips on how to compose a research paper.