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Prison industrial complex research paper topics

Ava Duvernay, the filmmaker behind Selma, has a new Netflix documentary, 13th, which focuses on the prison industrial complex. Meanwhile, a work and hunger strike is happening in America’s prisons, an issue that the U.S. media is mostly ignoring. The topic of prisons in America offers many research paper topics, from how prisons have come […]

Tax reform research topics—Donald Trump and federal income tax

Speculation about how much Donald Trump has paid in federal income tax has been in the news for months. After the first debate, the interest has increased as leaked documents indicate the Republican presidential candidate may have not paid taxes for close to two decades. How we generate revenue for the government is an issue […]

Millennials and the 2016 election as your research topic

Many young voters were excited about the Bernie Saunders candidacy. However, since the presidential candidates for the 2016 election have been finalized, the level of enthusiasm from the millennial generation has dropped. Some pundits and politicians are trying to reach this crucial demographic via social media such as Snapchat. Will it work? Some research paper […]

Mental changes in adolescence and teen depression—research paper topics

There are many mental changes in adolescence that happen that can impact self-esteem and also can contribute to teen depression. Research paper topics on these subjects center around adolescent psychology, both in terms of mental health and sociology. New technology, particularly social media, is also changing the stresses associated with the teen years and is […]

Third-party politics in America—research paper topics

The 2016 presidential election in America has generated more controversy and attention perhaps than any other in our country’s history. This unusual campaign offers many research paper topics, as does the potential effect that third-party politics will have on the election’s outcome. Jill Stein, the presidential candidate for the Green Party, is not well known […]

Research paper topics on experiment replication in science

The scientific method has been around for more than 400 years as a means of testing and verifying hypotheses. Scientific study is about testing and retesting to ensure that the results are right. Recent looks at experiment replication in science have shown that many studies aren’t standing up to retesting. Research paper topics could examine […]

Hackers and the U.S. election: Cyber terrorism research paper topics

Controversy surrounding the upcoming U.S. election is nothing new, even with it still being months away. However the latest news isn’t about the candidates but about hackers and cyber terrorism. What are some of the research paper topics in the political science and computer science worlds to explore on this area?

Teen pregnancy and sexual education—research paper topics

While the overall birth rate for teenagers has dropped over the past 25 years in the United States, the news isn’t all good. A new study that examined the use of a baby simulator in sexual education classes found some disturbing trends about the program’s effects on teen pregnancy rates. There are many research paper […]

The fight against Dakota Access Pipeline as your research topic

Members of the Sioux Nation are protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is proposed to be built within a mile of the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. The pipeline would pass beneath the Missouri River, the water supply for the Native Americans that live on the reservation. This is not the first time controversy […]

Child abuse and its health effects—research paper topics

According to ChildHelp.org, a report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds. Child abuse can take many forms—from sexual abuse to refusal of medical treatment, from verbal abuse to neglect. No matter what types of abuse occur, the health effects, both physical and mental, can be long lasting. Research paper topics could explore not […]